Things you can learn on the Internet next year

Things you can learn on the Internet next yearInternet serves not only to see kittens and pry into the lives of others. Learning new things using the unlimited source of information that gives us the web is much easier than many believe. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get new skills, then do not miss all the Internet has to teach. Thanks to all educational platforms that offer courses as well as people willing to share their knowledge with others, there is almost nothing you can not learn to do using your computer and a connection.

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One of the things that people are looking to learn online is set, it is a fairly desired and very modern skill labor camp. Exiten several ways to do this, for quite traditional courses, even playing video games. In places like Codecademy you can take free and in Spanish courses. Udacity you have open courses given by prestigious educational institutions around the world. But the choices are so many that will probably cost more to choose a place, we help a little:

You can also check interesting article on how to learn photography on

Design and illustrate


If you’re interested in graphic design or illustration, can take advantage of any of these 20 free courses for beginners and perfect. You can also go to platforms such as Kham Academy or Udemy in which they have tens of thousands of courses on different subjects and do a search for what interests you.

If you are interested in web design You can go to YouTube and get good hundreds of channels dedicated to show. All about

Speaking another language

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Learning a new language is something everyone should do once in our lives, and thanks to the Internet and technology now there are all kinds of fun ways to do. Maybe you’ve heard of applications such as Duolingo and make the process as a game. Options are not lacking, you can try any of these 10 site to learn languages ​​for free.

Take better pictures

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We all like to think we take great photos with the smartphone and when we pass Instagram filters are the best. The reality is that photography requires a lot of technique and talent. If you truly want to learn to take good pictures, as a professional, Internet helps you. Only here have 19 courses in English and Spanish pair learn photography.

Start your own business

If you want to be an entrepreneur successful are many things you should consider, from having success mindset, even as developing ideas, what tools to use, how to create models and business plans, and design good products. Internet is the ocean of entrepreneurs and startups, you can start with any of these eight courses



No matter if you do not even know fry an egg because you forgot to put salt, Internet gives every opportunity for you to feed not necessarily without dying in the intento-. A great site where you can get all kinds of recipes with detailed instructions and photos is AllTheRecipes which also has a whole great online cooking school.

If you prefer a free alternative, on the BBC They have a pretty large section with all kinds of cooking techniques. Or, you can subscribe to the cooking school , which from teaching you how to use a knife, peel garlic through the easiest way to make stews and baking cakes in just 20 lessons.


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