How to resize an image to twice its size without losing visual quality

English - December 23, 2015

This web tool makes the miracle

It is likely that happened to you once. You have an image, and either illustration or photo and is too small for what you want to do with it. When the image resolution is too low, it is quite difficult to climb without losing quality and look terrible. If you’ve tried your image is sure to end full of artifacts or seeing completely pixelated. Basically the ruins make it bigger.

On the internet I’ve got several tools that promise miracles, but all fall short on results. Except for one: waifu2x. Yes, I know it has a terrible name, but we must take into account that the purpose of their creation is directly related to rescale pages sleeves, catches of Japanese anime, or all sorts of art related to gender.

Doubles the size of your image really

Waifu2x can rescale an image twice of its original size without losing hardly any quality at least perceptible to the human eye (enough for me). You have to try it to believe this story, the site is extremely simple, just a box for you to write direct URL to the image you want to resize, or to upload the file. Yes, has a limit of 3MB per image, and the maximum size is 2560×2560 pixels.

What makes the tool is upscaling noise reduction and gives you a copy of your artwork or photo in JPEG. Illustrated the work you do is wonderful with pictures is less perfect, but it is an option, the best I’ve gotten in my short life at least.