How to eliminate free radicals for rejuvenation

How to eliminate free radicals for rejuvenation

People would like not to age, but no matter how many surgeries and tricks they try to stop this degrading process of the human body, it seems to be inevitable. But why does a person decrease and involute? The answer is clear and direct: due to free radicals. In the following we will see what these radicals are and how to eliminate them to rejuvenate:

Many people often suffer from premature aging. Doctors have attributed the cause to oxidative stress generated by these free radicals, triggered by various factors such as environmental pollution, cigarette smoking, intake of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, excessive fried foods, excessive exercise and many more.

As time goes by, both men and women begin to produce less collagen. Those who abstain from proteins, according to doctors, are too affected in the production of growth hormone, which is related to the generation of collagen and elastin, which is why they age much faster, as the firmness and elasticity of the face are quickly lost in these conditions.

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However, there are certain methods that can delay and stop several symptoms of premature aging, which consist of employing a relevant alkaline diet and engaging in a physical exercise routine, as well as controlling common day-to-day stress, meditation and spiritual practices. Specifically, let’s look at concrete actions to keep from aging so fast:

Quit smoking and reduce liquor consumption as much as possible

According to scientific studies, each puff of cigarette activates the production in the organism of more than a trillion free radicals and also generates very harmful reactions in the skin. The thousands of harmful chemical agents in cigarettes destroy collagen and vitamin A, causing the person to wrinkle faster than it should.

Not to mention alcoholic beverages, which directly attack the oxygenation process of the tissues and blood, reflecting in the absence of brightness in the skin, as well as firmness, youth and elasticity. High frequency liquor drinkers develop more wrinkles and expression lines in a short time.

Consume 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily

Adequate hydration is essential when detoxifying and purifying the body, which is noticed in the transformation of a skin that now becomes smooth and not dry, fighting the signs of aging. The intake of pure water in these quantities every day will favor the intestinal transit, another primordial factor to rejuvenate and stay healthy.

Consume Omega 3

Several years ago, science discovered that the Omega 3 component is one of the main enemies of free radicals. In addition to stopping skin aging, it strengthens memory, vision and concentration. As if that were not enough, it promotes the disintegration of cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. Omega 3 is present in several kinds of fish, especially blue fish, such as tuna, anchovies, salmon, among others.

Avoid sugar and carbonated soft drinks at all costs

If we carefully analyze the ingredients of most products on the market, we will realize that almost all of them are full of sugar, such as breakfast cereals, high fructose corn syrup, artificial juices, industrial pastries and in general everything, even if it is dietary and low in fat. Eating all this, favors the process called “caramelization” of all proteins and leads to aging of the cells.

Eating sugar is the worst business, warn and agree all specialists in the world today. There are innumerable health damages, in spite of the addiction and the great taste we feel for sweet flavors.

Scientific studies have shown that by drinking carbonated soft drinks, the body’s aging process is advanced by almost a decade or more. By consuming all these sugary products, inflammatory processes are triggered and absolutely everything is decompensated. One could assert something as serious as that most diseases and advanced aging in humans, is due to sugar and stress, which in turn, is strengthened by the sweet.

Consume antioxidant foods and vitamins

Especially if you do physical exercise or practice a specific sport, since the production of free radicals increases due to the oxygenation of the muscles. Some of these more powerful antioxidant foods that should be included in the diet, replacing the harmful products, are all antioxidants such as:

Red fruits, spinach, wheat germ, blackberries, kiwi with skin, green tea, black tea, nuts, fish, broccoli if you do not suffer from colon disease, garlic, lemon, orange, tangerine, guava, among others that contain high doses of vitamins A, C and E.

People would like not to grow old, but no matter how many surgeries and tricks they try to stop this degrading process of the human body, it seems to be inevitable. But, why is it that a person decreases and involute? The answer is clear and direct: due to free radicals. In this article we will see what these radicals are and how to eliminate them to rejuvenate.

Definitely, looking good depends to a large extent on your diet and yourself.

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