The plane that appeared with 92 skeletons as passengers

The plane that appeared with 92 skeletons as passengers

Several extraordinary and supernatural cases have been recorded about airplanes that mysteriously disappear and then, many years later, have reappeared out of nowhere, literally as ghosts. Well this is the story of the plane that landed with 92 skeletons as passengers. Let’s see:

The world learned of these events, mainly through the action and work of journalist Irwins Fisher, who titled the investigation as “like the longest flight of all time.”

It was the early hours of September 4, 1954. From one of the airports of the then West Germany a commercial flight departed, normally and like any other. But shortly after taking off and taking its route, it disappeared from the radars as if by magic in a region of the Atlantic Ocean, in what is known as the Bermuda Triangle.

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Just like other cases of aircraft lost in this sector and in the world, they simply vanish and days, months and years go by, but we never know more than hypotheses and theories. For example, the authorities considered that it was most likely to have crashed in some area where dark and abysmal ocean depths lie and that is why they could not be found.

The plane belonged to an airline called Santiago Airlines, which, as a result of this event and financial debacles, had to close down definitively in 1956. This helped the case of the disappearance of flight 513 of its line, in which 92 passengers were traveling, to be forgotten. Only 35 years later, all those missing people were heard of again, because the plane turned up inexplicably in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

But the most surprising thing is that when the operators and authorities of the Porto Alegre airport noticed that a plane appeared out of the air, landing and not responding to any radio signal, they obviously went to intercept it at the end of the runway and when they opened the door and entered, they were stunned by what they saw: 92 lifeless bodies, sitting neatly in the aircraft’s seats.

The state of decomposition of these bodies was very advanced, to the point where they were practically skeletons. The scene was impressive. The pilot was firmly holding on to the controls and that gave the experts to understand that most probably the captain had managed to land the huge air craft.

As in other similar cases, there are few logical explanations. But on that occasion, the agents’ main concern was not to unveil the cause of the phenomenon, but to cover it up for the mass media. Even so, they could not keep away many scientists and researchers, who made these events known to the world and also reached a conclusion:

According to them, plane 513 would have entered an area where a time bubble opened, which took them out of the time in which they were: 1954, literally making a trip in time-space. These phenomena, although they may seem like science fiction or a lie, are actually scientific facts that are being analyzed more and more every day, especially by Quantum Physics, a branch of science that has discovered incredible things in recent years, such as the existence of parallel universes and dimensions.

But despite all the hypotheses and conclusions that have been reached, officially there is no known concrete cause of how a plane piloted by a skeleton could have landed successfully on the runway.

These same experts, all these years have fought for the government to finally reveal the whole truth of this enigmatic case, especially taking into account the clamor of the families of the lifeless crew members to know what really happened.

One of them is Dr. Celso Atello, a renowned investigator of supernatural events. According to him, every day, more and more is known about these paranormal phenomena, which like everything related to extraterrestrials, has been well hidden for strange reasons and specialists say that this could help to understand much more the mysteries of this planet and the universe in which we live, since we do not know even 3% of the reality and phenomena.

There are several recorded cases of paranormal phenomena that have involved airplanes. Below are a few examples:

Flight 19: This was a group of five aircraft that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on December 5, 1945. The planes were on a training mission, but never returned to their base. Despite extensive search efforts, no remains of the planes or crew members were ever found. Several theories have been proposed to explain the disappearance, including interference from paranormal phenomena such as extraterrestrial activity or the existence of a magnetic vortex in the area.

Eastern Airlines Flight 401: This flight crashed in the Florida Everglades on December 29, 1972, killing 101 people on board. After the crash, numerous sightings of the deceased crew and passengers were reported on other Eastern Airlines planes. Ghosts were reported appearing in the cockpit and passenger seats, and strange voices and noises were heard. Paranormal investigations were conducted on the affected planes, and it was reported that remains of Flight 401 were found on some of them.

The Kaz II ghost plane: This was an Australian yacht that was found drifting in the Coral Sea in 2007. The three crew members on board had mysteriously disappeared, and uneaten food and drink were found. The sail was found to be hoisted and the engine was running, but the boat was not moving. The ship had been fitted with a surveillance camera, which showed the three crew members disappearing without a trace. Several theories have been proposed to explain the disappearance, including paranormal activity.

The O’Hare UFO Incident: This was a sighting of an unidentified flying object at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in November 2006. Witnesses reported a gray metallic disc-shaped object hovering above one of the boarding gates. The object was seen by several airline employees and some passengers, and the object reportedly disappeared at high speed into the sky. The incident was investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration, but a definitive explanation was never provided.

Japan Airlines Flight 1628: This Japan Airlines commercial flight, en route from Paris to Tokyo, experienced a sighting of an unidentified flying object on November 17, 1986. During the crossing over Alaska, Captain Kenju Terauchi and his crew reported seeing bright lights moving rapidly and erratically in the sky.

The lights changed color several times and appeared to be approaching the aircraft, which alarmed the crew. Even the aircraft’s radar registered an unidentified object. The sighting lasted about 50 minutes and was corroborated by two other aircraft flying in the area at the time. The incident was investigated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and the Japanese government, but no satisfactory explanation was ever found.

Eastern Airlines Flight 826: This was a commercial flight that crashed in Elizabeth, New Jersey, on February 4, 1960. The plane hit a house in a residential area, killing 34 people on board and 7 others on the ground. Flight 826 was the first plane crash in which a case of “remote viewing” was reported.

A man named Joe Salomone, who was in a clinic in New York, had a vision of a plane crashing moments before the crash occurred. Salomone contacted the police and the FAA to report his vision, but was not taken seriously. After the crash, Salomone provided precise details about the location and circumstances of the crash that could not have been known by any other means. This case is considered one of the first documented reports of precognitive visions in connection with a plane crash.

American Airlines Flight 191: This was a commercial flight that crashed near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on May 25, 1979, killing 273 people on board and on the ground. The accident was caused by a failure of the plane’s left engine, which resulted in the separation of a wing and the subsequent crash of the plane.

After the crash, a series of sightings were reported of the apparition of Captain Walter Lux, who had also died in the crash. According to reports, pilots and air traffic controllers working in the area reported seeing Lux’s figure in the cockpit of the stricken aircraft after the crash. This phenomenon was investigated by the FAA and the airline, but no satisfactory explanation was ever found.

Scandinavian Airlines System Flight 401: This was a Scandinavian Airlines System commercial flight that crashed into the North Sea on August 13, 1951, killing all 22 people on board. After the crash, a number of sightings were reported of the appearance of Captain Kaj Birksted, who had also died in the crash.

According to reports, several ships in the area reported seeing a figure in the cockpit of the stricken plane after the crash. This paranormal phenomenon was investigated by the airline and the Danish aviation authorities, but no satisfactory explanation was ever found.

The science perspective

It is important to keep in mind that science is a rigorous, evidence-based process of understanding and explaining the natural world. In the case of paranormal phenomena, science has sought rational explanations for reports of sightings and attacks by supernatural entities.

In many cases, reports of apparitions and attacks by supernatural entities can be explained by rational causes, such as perceptual errors, technical problems, mental or emotional disorders, or even intentional forgeries. Science has investigated many of these explanations and has provided a clearer understanding of the underlying causes of many of these cases.

For example, in the case of incubus and succubus attacks, science has provided an explanation for these phenomena that does not involve supernatural entities. It is believed that these phenomena may be caused by sleep disorders, such as sleep paralysis, which may cause a person to feel a strange presence in the room or even experience a feeling of suffocation. Science has also investigated many cases of apparitions and has found that most reports can be explained by rational causes, such as perceptual errors, technical problems, forgeries, or mental or emotional disorders.

In the case of reports of apparitions in aviation accidents, science has provided an explanation for some of these phenomena. It is believed that these reports may be caused by the emotional strain and stress experienced by pilots and airline personnel after an accident. These factors may affect the perception and memory of the people involved, which could explain why some reports of apparitions are inconsistent or do not match the known facts of the accident.

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