The chilindrina sad or happy with the death of the Chavo?

The departure of the great and immortal Roberto Gómez Bolaños has caused all kinds of comments and reactions, including, of course, those of the few survivors who made up the cast of the television series El chavo del ocho. Well, one of those reactions has been that of Chilindrina.

The chilindrina sad or happy with the death of the Chavo?

Some controversial words

The homage of Maria Antonieta de las Nieves (the Chilindrina) Roberto Gómez Bolaños (The boy of 8) SORRY OR HAPPY? The farewell message.

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Surely we all knew the profound differences between Marie Antoinette de las Nieves (the Chilindrina) and Roberto Gómez Bolaños (the Chavo) for the copyright of the television series, an issue that reached quite critical terms.

However, after the death of the comedian,Marie Antoinette has expressed herself in these terms:

Today there is a party in heaven because a sensational person arrived to heaven, to which we have all admired and loved a lot. The angels are happy, the saints and Papa Dios, because Roberto Gómez Bolaños arrived to heaven today ».

Up to here normal, and even requested a minute of applause for the creator of Chavo and Chespirito in the place where he appeared, in Ecuador. However, it is striking that he finished off with these words:

Long live Chespirito! You know what? As in heaven there is a big party and everyone is happy and happy, because we also have to have a party down here, so, music for the party! “, Concluded” The Chilindrina “.

Could it be that Chavo’s death has hurt him? Or has he simply not been able to hide his joy? The truth leaves a lot to think about; it is not common that in these cases one asks for music for the party but, in short, it is respectable for who played the role of Chilindrina, another of the great and immortal characters of Chavo del ocho.

In other comments, everything seems normal and his words seem decidedly sympathetic, but perhaps for this one occasion he was gossiped.

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