Invented the time machine? At least to photograph the past

I have long since heard about the possibility of creating an artifact that would capture the sound and light waves of the past, so that it would not only be possible to take pictures of the past but, what is more, make virtually true movies about the most relevant historical events.

Invented the time machine? At least to photograph the past

The Vatican would keep it hidden

So far this only belongs to science fiction, but what if it were true?

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On May 2, 1972, the Italian weekly published a unique article entitled:Invented the machine photographed in the past.

The invention had been carried out by Alfredo Ernetti, a Benedictine priest who claimed that the timer, as the artifact was baptized, could access luminous and sound waves of the past, and that the objects themselves kept memory, so they were also vital in the process of breaking down those waves into images.

Ernetti had studied electronic oscillography, in addition to practicing as a professor of prepolyphony, and by 1952 he had recorded a psychophony of his deceased father. This led to further research until he reached the chronovisor.

Every object or person, according to Ernetti’s conclusions, leaves in space a double wave, a auditor and a light or visual wave. For example, such is the case of the stars who died, but to which we can still observe by the wake of light that still travels in space.

However, Ernetti would find staunch detractors, such as Borello, who argued that the religious never showed his machine, nor explained in a painstaking way its operation, although he accepts that matter has memory and that it is possible to recover it with technology Right.

Most impressive of all this is that, according to Ernetti, it was possible to photograph the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the tables of the law,a speech by Mussolini and even the crucifixion of Christ.

However, over time all this fell into scorn and today it is a subject that is not touched and seems to be top secret. Advocates of the chronovisor warn that it is only a campaign of silence to hide sensitive truths and secrets so important that, if made known, they would change not only history, but the overview of things, not only at the level religious, but social, political, economic, and so on.

Skeptics argue that the possibility of breaking down the light and sound waves of the past does not exist or, at the very least, not so far. Is it true or a lie? The conclusions are left to each of you.

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