The true story of the Minions

The Minions are those yellow beings that live on earth and that several movies have made so familiar to us. The goal of these beings is to put themselves at the service of what they consider to be the greatest villain in the world. These beings are both awkward and mischievous, with an unintelligible voice and one or two eyes.

The true story of the Minions

Some very curious characters

However, a terrifying story is woven around the Minions, and no less incredible. These are the children of an orphanage who were biologically manipulated to turn them into a kind of stunned children who obey without restriction what they were ordered.

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The children subjected to the experiment remained as alellos, without hair and with a strange mouth, sometimes with bigger and yellowish lips. The treatment they were exposed to cut off their vision, so special lenses were adapted.

In short, these are mutations, of experiments done to abandoned children. The history, even when quite speculative, does not stop attracting attention with regard to the mutations that are made in laboratories, some of which are very macabre and countless.

With all this, the Minions seem rather, in this sense, to be the adaptation of mischievous gnomes out of the bowels of the earth, only subjugated by the villain that may well be the magician or sorcerer who operates on the elements through their magical arts

His ingenuity as mischief is a way of endorsing a favorable position in favor of the villain, with respect to which they put themselves at his service. It is a form of slavery and of voluntary mistreatment that they even lead with carelessness and joy.

From a cultural perspective, they could represent the entire humanity that is subjugated, that voluntarily surrenders to the villain and that, nevertheless, does not cease to be cheerful and fun.

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