The 7-year-old boy who sacrificed his life to save his mother

In life things happen that really make us stand up and touch our hearts and, this time, it’s about the story of a boy of only seven years who preferred to sacrifice his life to save his mother’s life, thirty-four year old. The case happened in China when both mother and son were diagnosed with virtually incurable diseases in both cases.

Niño salva a su madre

The struggle inspired by the son´s love

The case occurred on April 2, 2014 when Chen Xiaotian, only 7 years old, died in a hospital in China. Chen had contracted brain cancer, just a few months before his mother Zhou Lu had kidney disease.

At first the child seemed to recover, but afterwards the doctors ruled out any possibility of his survival. His mother, on the other hand, required dialysis in order to survive.

Over time, and at the suggestion of the doctors, mother and son spoke and, although initially Zhou was reluctant, finally and between tears, gave in to the pleas of the child who demanded to save the life of his mother by giving him one of your kidneys.

Some time later the boy lost his sight and on April 2, when the boy died, the doctors performed the transplant, which was successful not only in the mother, but in two other people who received the other kidney and liver of the child.

The doctors showed with tears in their eyes and there was a minute of prayer. After the death of the child, three lives were saved; not only that of his mother, but also those of two people who had a transplant of the other kidney, and a third who had a liver transplant.

In Good Morning by Chen, who practically forced his mother to accept his donation since she did not want to, but later said that he would continue in it.

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The 7-year-old boy who sacrificed his life to save his mother
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June 30, 2019

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