The most evil minds that passed into oblivion

Curiosities, English - November 16, 2022

In history we can see that several sinister and ruthless characters, caused serious scourges to the entire humanity, such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, among others. But alongside them, we find a series of subjects who were equally unhinged and evil, although not so well remembered. Next: the psychopaths not so well known in history:

Tomás de Torquemada

Image 1. The most evil minds that passed into oblivion

He was known for being the fearsome Spanish inquisitor who killed thousands of people, considering them somehow dangerous to the Catholic Church in the Basque country. The tortures he ordered inflicted on the accused were insane. In total, the victims of this psychopath exceeded 50,000 people. Finally, he grew old and died a natural death in 1498.

Josef Mengele

Image 2. The most evil minds that passed into oblivion

This character, full of the lowest passions, performed ruthless experiments on Nazi prisoners in the Auschwitz concentration camp. He became obsessed with twins and applied certain substances to their eyes to see if they would change color. To detail all his procedures would be worse than bloodthirsty. It is said that he used more than 3,000 twins in his degrading experiments. He was called “the angel of death”. Hundreds of thousands of deaths are attributed to him. In the end, he fled to Argentina.

Leopold II

Image 3. The most evil minds that passed into oblivion

He was the monarch of Belgium for a period of 49 years at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. At that time, he designed the project called “Congo Free State”, with which he caused the death of about three million people. He had great economic resources and was financed by the government itself. His obsession for power and money made him one of the worst psychopaths. He was also involved in the mass enslavement of people, who were tortured and killed under his orders.

Pol Pot

Image 4. The most evil minds that passed into oblivion

He became Cambodia’s top ruler in 1976, supported by the “Khmer Rouge” party, which he himself led. Because of him, in the three years of his mandate, an average of 25% of the population of that nation disappeared. His interests were to impose a communist regime that forced citizens to work hard in the fields, as if they were slaves and in horrible conditions. He was an admirer and great friend of the feared Mao Tse Tung.

Ivan IV of Russia

Image 5. The most evil minds that passed into oblivion

He is also remembered as “Ivan the Terrible”. He was none other than the first Russian Tsar, in the year 1547 and ruled that nation for almost 40 years. He strengthened and expanded the borders and turned Russia into an empire. He had his army torture thousands of people in front of his eyes. Many claim that he suffered from a mental illness similar to schizophrenia. He once savagely beat his pregnant daughter-in-law, causing her to miscarry.

Elizabeth Bathory

Image 6. The most evil minds that passed into oblivion

Some call her “Countess Dracula,” for her macabre, goosebump-inducing crimes. She was a Hungarian countess from the Carpathian Mountains. She was a lover of the dark arts and is credited with the deaths of hundreds of young girls, whose beauty and youth she tried to steal. The tortures he inflicted on his victims surpassed fiction. He loved to bathe in the blood of the murdered.

Heinrich Himmler

Image 7. The most evil minds that passed into oblivion

Some historians call him “Hitler’s right-hand man”. He was the second most powerful within the Nazis. He was described as more terrifying than Hitler himself. In his head were only the plans to dominate the world, through all possible means. He is credited with the deaths of more than seven million people. The story goes that he was obsessed with blood and poisoned himself in 1945.

Joseph Goebbels

Image 8. The most evil minds that passed into oblivion

Although he is the third Nazi on the list, it is not for less. In fact, there are several researchers who claim that this gentleman has been much more important and macabre than Himler himself or Hitler combined. Goebbels was the evil genius who carried out the whole Nazi propaganda strategy, without which, nothing of what happened would have been.

He was an expert in massively manipulating minds. One of his greatest phrases was: “if you repeat a lie so much, in the end they will believe it”. It has been applied by the world’s leaders ever since. As if that were not enough, he was the author of the project to implant subliminal messages in the music of the record labels and modified the frequency of all music from 432 Hz to 444Hz and other abnormalities, in order to keep the crowds hypnotized and controlled.

One might think that these evil characters are only a matter of the past, but the reality is far from that idea. In every generation there have arisen subjects with such scope and dark intentions, the worst of all, is that they have been part of governments and authorities that control nations and entire peoples. What do you think are the most evil minds of the present?