Top 10 Popular Apps That Are Draining Your Battery

Top 10 Popular Apps That Are Draining Your Battery

That feeling when your phone dies. At best, it isolates us from our friends and modes of entertainment but at worst you can become stranded, unable to pay for your groceries or get directions for driving home. As network speeds and phone specs improve we’re asking more of our mobile devices, and draining the battery faster. Here are ten apps to think about avoiding to maximize your phone’s battery life.

1) YouTube

It will come as no surprise to many of us that one of the most battery draining apps people are using in 2021 is YouTube. As 4G roll-out continues and 5G is being introduced, data speeds are now enabling mobile users to watch videos in high quality on the go. This new paradigm, however, is waiting for batteries to catch up. Next time you’re sitting on the bus you might want to reconsider watching YouTube to save your phone’s battery.

2) Netflix

Netflix is, like YouTube, an app which drains your battery in rapid time. Because Netflix have designed their app to lure you in with frequent notifications, it’s background activity is high, adding a further drain on the battery to visuals and speaker usage when you’re in the app. Turn off Netflix’s access to notifications to limit its battery usage.

3) Snapchat

Whilst Snapchat’s ghostly icon may float innocently, it’s a demon on your battery life. Constant access to location through GPS as well as background activity for notification prompt mean that this app is draining your battery before you’ve even opened the camera. Reducing Snapchat’s location access by enabling ‘ghost mode’ can save your battery while you snap away.

4) Messenger

Message apps are battery destroyers, partly because we rely on them so heavily for communication these days. Facebook’s Messenger app comes in a glossy, full functionality mode however which makes it additionally tough on your battery. If you’ve got a Messenger addiction, Facebook produces Messenger Lite for low-end smartphones. Whilst this is built to run faster on lower-spec devices, it’s also a streamlined version that prolongs battery life.

5) WhatsApp

Like Messenger, WhatsApp is another Facebook owned messaging app that doesn’t care for your battery life. Location details are draining your battery through access to GPS and WhatsApp’s constant back-and-forth notifications put additional pressure on your battery while you’re out and about.

6) Google News

Google’s News app might keep you up to date with timely notifications based on real-world events, but because it’s working away in the background 24/7 having this app on your phone will eat into your battery life. In a hectic world with more bad news than good, save your battery and do your mental health a favour deleting this app.

7) Facebook

Facebook’s Messenger app was a battery-killer and their social app for scrolling through news feeds adds a double blow to your battery life. With constant syncing with location, contacts and notifications, the permissions this app demands probe into every aspect of your phone’s usage. Limit Facebook’s access to location and turn of notifications so you only check in when you really need to.

8) Microsoft Outlook

You need your email app to be updating in the background, otherwise you’ll miss vital correspondence. However, Microsoft Outlook’s bloated app, perhaps produced with tablets in mind, comes at a cost of your battery. Switching to another, streamlined email app or something like Gmail’s multifunctional app might be a better choice.

9) Tik Tok

TikTok made its name sending memes around the world and it’s still a great network for socialising and entertaining. However, because it accesses sound and video, it’s a significant drain on your battery. One way to save battery whilst using TikTok is to prevent videos from autoplaying, so you choose which TikToks come to life.

10) Tinder

Swiping left and right has become a daily ritual for singletons out there, but Tinder’s constant updating, regular notifications and location access make it a regular drain on your battery. To save phone battery you can access Tinder on your web browser when you’re at home, or maybe it’s just time to work on you for a while.

Aeroplane Mode

Practicing good battery hygiene, like regularly closing apps you’re not using and limiting notifications and location access, can turn your phone into a high functioning machine. But if you need your daily dose of news, chat and dating then there are plenty of good power packs out there to keep handy at all times.

Top 10 Popular Apps That Are Draining Your Battery
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