Google helps you to pronounce words through your web browser

Google helps you to pronounce words through their search engine

Google reports that a lot of people use their search engine to perform a query on a definition of a term, how to say something in another language, or discover how to pronounce a word, and on this last, the company is launching a significant innovation.

The finder debuts the tool Pronunciation. Now we can learn how to pronouncing complicated words just ask to Google “how it is pronounced…”.

Pronunciation of complicated words


this Is a experimental feature that will show us how to pronounce a word by playing a audio with the word next to an animation that shows us how to move the lips. You can activate slow motion playback to hear and see better the pronunciation.

it Also enables us to practice production. We can use our microphone to read the word and see if we are pronouncing it correctly. Google will analyze our production and we tell you what we are saying wrong so we can finish saying the word correctly.

the latter feature is currently only available in american English, but coming soon will also be available in Spanish.

Images definitions and translations

Another novelty that has been launched Google is to add images in the definitions and translations. Thus, the images help us to understand the meaning and to know if the word has multiple meanings in the translated language. So we know if we are translating the correct word.

Definitions Translations

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Google helps you to pronounce words through your web browser
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November 15, 2019

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