Discovering the best basketball mobile games for Android users

Business, English - November 13, 2019
Image 1. Discovering the best basketball mobile games for Android users

Photo by Pexels // CC0 1.0

If you’ve always fancied shooting some virtual hoops, but not known the best basketball games available on mobile, we’re here to help. NBA fans will be delighted to know there are lots of mobile titles released on Android, many of which are successful video game console titles that have been remastered or successfully replicated on mobile.

The last thing you want is to download the basketball mobile games that don’t transfer the speed and intensity of the NBA to handheld screens. That’s why you should read on to discover the top four must-have Android basketball apps for your smartphone.


The classic arcade console game, NBA Jam, was arguably the first basketball video game to resonate with mainstream gamers – even those who weren’t huge fans of the sport. Lovers of the 90’s version will be delighted to hear there has been a super-slick port of NBA Jam onto Android. The app also supports the use of hardware controllers and even includes online multiplayer support and the chance to enter a campaign mode.

NBA 2K19

If you aren’t such a fan of retro NBA action and you’d rather play with the latest team rosters, including the NBA Championship contenders like the LA duo, the Clippers and Lakers, then NBA 2K19 is the one for you. Like NBA Jam, 2K19 allows you to play in a story mode, as well as giving you the chance to launch your own custom career. Upon its initial launch, 2K admitted there were several bugs lurking in the app, but thanks to a number of updates, it has cemented its place as the leading basketball sim on Android.

NBA Live Mobile

NBA Live Mobile is the “official” NBA mobile app game. It’s free-to-play, but there are plenty of elements where you’ll need to pay upfront to enjoy it to the maximum. The controls of NBA Live are really intuitive, which makes the gameplay very worthwhile. Like 2K19, you can play online multiplayer games, as well as various story modes, while all the latest rosters have been updated for each NBA team.

Basketball Battle

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something with a little less realism that’s still extremely fun to play, check out Basketball Battle. You’ll take to the court in this arcade-style two-player game that can be played on split-screen multiplayer for larger tablets. The simple controls and engaging visuals result in a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is ideal for wiling away the minutes on the early morning commute to work.