The true story of Pablo Escobar “The boss”

Curiosities, English - November 29, 2022

One of the evil geniuses that has astonished the world the most in recent decades, emerged in Colombia, a South American nation where the most gruesome events occurred whose mastermind was this character who came to accumulate so much money that he became one of the richest men on the planet We present: “the true story of Pablo Escobar, the Patron of evil”:

The childhood of Pablo Escobar

The boss, that was what the army of men under his command called him. He was born on December 1, 1949 in Rionegro, Antioquia, in a large family made up of 7 siblings, of whom he was the third. According to his biography, Pablo was the most pampered by his mother and received all kinds of gifts and attention.

Perhaps it was for this reason that since he was a teenager he seemed to want everyone to pay homage to him, in addition to wanting to satisfy all his wishes as soon as possible and get as much money as possible, and he was willing to do anything to achieve it. From his early teens he was obsessed with the idea of ​​being a billionaire.

Near the age of 15, he became associated with a cousin named Gustavo Gaviria, with whom he worked at a tombstone factory at the time. They not only had to help in their production, but they also had to go to market them in all the towns of the region. But since their profits were few, they devised a plan to obtain very good profits, but not exactly with something legal: they extracted the marble tombstones from the tombs of the richest families, to later sell them on the black market.

This is how this item of evil began and by 1972, when he turned 22 years old, he was named head of a gang in the city of Medellín, dedicated to vehicle theft and illegal merchandise trafficking. In the midst of this criminal environment, he realized that the drug business was the most profitable of all according to his perspective and when he projected himself, he became obsessed with the idea until he made it a reality.

The Medellin Cartel

Thus he called his own organization outlawed. In his first shipments of the coveted and terrible white powder to the United States, he earned an enormous amount of money, which he reinvested in sophisticated laboratories for processing the substance for which they use the coca leaf. So he produced it himself, transported it and marketed it.

According to data from the authorities, Pablo Escobar came to control about 80% of the drugs that entered Uncle Sam’s country. At 30 years old, he was far richer than any Hollywood celebrity. In this way he fulfilled the promise that he made to himself when he was still a child: if he did not manage to get a million dollars before the age of 25, then he would take his own life.

He got involved in politics

The different sources of information have always related the Colombian governments to this type of business. But Pablo decided to go further: not only to pay large checks to the different politicians of the parties and State officials, but also launched himself as a representative to the Chamber and congressman and was elected, thanks to the numerous social projects that he strategically carried out.

He would go to the poorest neighborhoods of Medellín, or he would send his men with huge sacks of money and they would distribute it and throw it from cartel cars. He gave families in need decent housing and even buildings.

The hacienda naples

This farm cost him more than 50 million euros. There he had everything, even an eccentric zoo with unique animals and grounds full of ferocious hippos, to which he threw his prisoners to be devoured. This property encompassed more than 7,400 acres and it was here that he held the darkest gatherings and festivities.

It was the horror of the policemen, since he paid a large amount of money for each uniformed officer discharged. The government of that time reached the point of accepting that it had no chance of facing such a beastly enemy, so they asked the United States for help.

On a certain occasion, the Patron of evil wanted to attack the President of the Republic himself, having already exterminated a high General, Ministers and high officials. He knew that César Gaviria, the President of Colombia at that time, was going to take a trip on an Avianca plane. Consequently, he ordered the installation of bombs that blew up the aircraft, along with 110 crew members, including the politician.

The authorities affirm that close to 10,000 fatalities are attributed to Escobar and since he is already so famous worldwide for his infernal empire that was growing excessively every day, the United States decided radically to put an end to the problem. Seeing that the Colombian military forces were unable to capture him, they sent nearly 500 special agents in a search block with the sole mission of catching him alive or dead.

It was December 1, 1993, when, due to the blunder of speaking on a cell phone, the satellites detected him hiding in a house in a middle-class neighborhood in Medellín and when he put up resistance, he received several bullet wounds while trying to escape through the roof of the building.

Today he is a legend from which several films and television series have been made. Many remember him with gratitude for the favors received, others with pain, indignation and great resentment for the countless victims he left behind.