Top 3 Free Software for Students

Top 3 Free Software for Students

Students have a lot on their plates every single time. With tuition and living expenses sky rocketing every year, students should not be worrying about software too. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, students will have to learn and develop skills to help them in school and in future.

Majority of companies such as AVG antivirus, Ccleaner, Paint.Net and Microsoft 365 for education have responded by offering a number of free software to empower their children. To access this free software for students, you may have to have an email address connected to your school for you to sign up. There is software which won’t require anything of the sort.

Take advantage of opportunities

Most of the apps being offered to you for free are the same ones your parents are paying the big bucks to use. You are not sacrificing quality when using free apps. You are only taking advantage of the opportunities presented to you.

Most organizations make money from free software by forcing you to install other programs or tools on your computer that you may never use. You should always go for custom security installation when you can. Also, pay attention to the checkboxes when installing. Here are the three top software for students.

1.      Microsoft Office 365

There are a number of Microsoft Office 365 imitators out there. You should always go for the real thing. Ignoring fake developers will save you time and money in the long run. Students and some teachers can access Word, Excel, OneNote, Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint to name a few in one package.

Also, you’ll get 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage for free. To get this app for free, you need to sign up using an email address connected to your school. This software can be accessed by Windows and Mac users.

2.      Paint.Net

We all know Paint. Net originated from the old Microsoft Paint. has evolved rapidly and it’s free for students. This software has several features that make it superior to the old basic program.

In fact, most writers recommend it to students who seek professional help with assignment most of the time. Students who seek professional help always excel in their studies

Some of these features include the ‘undo’ which allows you to reverse all your activities till the beginning. It also has the ability to work on different layers. If you have been using apps like Photoshop, you’ll discover several similar tools such as the magic wand, lasso and clone stamp.

You can save your images in png and jpg versions plus several other different formats. You are also free to download plugins developed by other Pain.Net users.

3.      Jango Music Streaming

Most music streaming services that are offered free of charge normally contain lots of ads. You should go for Jango Music Streaming not only because it’s free student software but it also has very few ads. Users have reported that it plays only one video or audio in a day. How does it manage to do such a thing?

They earn some revenue by selling you a song that you have listened to. Also, independent artists have the opportunity to get into music rotation. When a song is played, a pop up allows you to see who it is and you’ll get the opportunity to either like it and become a follower or communicate with the artist.

Everybody wins through this software because you’ll get ad-free music and listen to your new favorite song whenever you want. The artists also get popular through their music and make sales.

Additional tool: LibreOffice

If you don’t like using Microsoft Office, LibreOffice is a great alternative. It is free to download and compatible with all formats found in Microsoft Office.

There won’t be any need to perform any weird conversions. LibreOffice consists of six programs namely Writer, Draw, Base, Math, Calc and Impress. This gives students all they need to learn easily and quickly.


Technology is advancing at a rapid level. Therefore, it is important for students to learn how to use it to their advantage. There are a number of free software for students in the market that will help you learn quickly and easily. The last thing you want to worry about is buying the software. Most college students are living under a tight budget.

The good thing about free software is it does not compromise quality. The free software you are about to use is similar to that which your parents are using. The only difference is they had to pay a lot of money to download or install the software and you didn’t. Take advantage of the opportunity today!


Joshua Robinson is a professional editor and writer. He enjoys sharing his views and insights on technology and its purposes in education regularly on his blog. During his free time, you’ll find him playing with his children or reading a book.

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