Jesus Christ had the power to change shape according to manuscript found

Curiosities, English - November 14, 2022
Image 1. Jesus Christ had the power to change shape according to manuscript found

An ancient Egyptian manuscript found by archaeologists in Cairo, dated more than 1,200 years ago, talks about everything that happened at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, but offering impressive details, such as the fact that Jesus had the power to change the shape of his physical body and face at will and whenever he wanted.

For this reason, it would explain why Judas Iscariot had to kiss his master, which had no other purpose than to point him out and identify him, since the Pharisees did not recognize him because of the magic he applied on his appearance. In this video we will see all about the mystery of the power of physical transformation that Jesus of Nazareth had. Let’s see:

Jesus met Pontius Pilate before his arrest

Very surprising facts that history never told us, like the fact that Jesus met with Pontius Pilate before being arrested, to arrange all the details of his execution. But the Roman governor esteemed the teacher so highly that he was able to offer to sacrifice his own first-born son instead of the Nazarene. Specifically, Pontius Pilate attended the much commemorated last supper, along with the other disciples.

Moreover, this millenary writing points out that it was not on a Thursday but on a Tuesday, that mystical supper that Leonardo Da Vinci himself would capture in one of his main works. But the messiah did not accept Pilate’s proposal and explained once again that if he wanted, no one in this world could even touch him; that everything he was doing was to fulfill an enormous mission for the suffering humanity and even Judas should play his role of delivering him, because he himself asked him to do so.

Likewise, in the manuscript it is clearly mentioned that Jesus had the power to transform his face and appearance as he wished, he could even become invisible. But as if that were not enough, the text makes reference all the time to the sacred marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who appears on the right side of the Messiah, in the great work of the Last Supper, by Da Vinci.

Mary of Magdala, the wife of Jesus Christ

If the authenticity of the papyrus is completely proven, it would shatter several doctrinal concepts that were imposed for many centuries in the Christianity currents, assuming that Christ would have been celibate. Right in the center of the manuscript, Jesus appears speaking of his wife, defending her also as his disciple. In other lines the same Nazarene mentions that he lives with her. Apparently, history has been mistaken in describing Mary Magdalene as a prostitute.

With precision, it narrates the events of how the Jews were frustrated at not being able to capture Jesus, because of his tremendous magical ability to mold his face and disappear at will, so that no one could ever stop him. Then, Judas was charged with pointing out which was his master, since he could distinguish him even though he had transformed his appearance into that of an old man. Sometimes, he adopted the image of a white and corpulent man; other times, he was a venerable old man with white beards, and sometimes, he appeared as a child.

Jeshua, as was his original name, quickly became famous in all those Middle Eastern lands, thanks to the fact that he achieved prodigies that surpassed anything seen before: a man who walked on water, raised the dead, cured lepers, restored sight to the blind, made the paralyzed walk, turned water into wine, made a couple of loaves and fishes into thousands and many other incredible powers such as transfiguring his image, teleporting, etc.

The manuscript, which is nearly 1,200 years old, is believed to have been written by St. Cyril of Jerusalem. Researchers are convinced that the text was for a long time in the hands of the monks of the monastery of St. Michael in Cairo, specifically in a desert in the Egyptian Nordic region. In the modern era, it was found in 1910 and so shocked the world’s great millionaires that the magnate JP Morgan offered the largest sum of money to obtain it in 1911. Years later, it went on display at the Morgan Museum in New York City, where it still remains.

Some esotericists have attributed these shapeshifting powers to what they call “Jinas sciences”, a set of secret techniques that allow altering the atoms of the physical body, to the point of transforming as desired, not only as people, but even those who master this occult knowledge, can become animals such as eagles, condors, jaguars and many others.

This is also called nahualism, in terms of ancestral American cultures, such as the Mayas, Aztecs, Toltecs, Zapotecs, among others. And if that were not enough, with the jinn sciences or nahualism, it is not only possible to change at will the total aspect of the body, but also other objects and even entire islands, such as the famous Nontrabada.