All traffic is encrypted Reddit

All traffic is encrypted Reddit

The popular content site Reddit has announced that will serve all content through SSL encryption

 reddit-privacy As of June 29 the content served to users and visitors to Reddit I have SSL encryption as announced in the subreddit development.

A year ago the possibility of entering all Reddit via HTTPS, but now will be the only way to do

More and more websites that are taking the same course for two reasons:

  • Privacy is important . No matter which site you visit or what to look for. This information should be yours alone. Thanks to the secure socket layer (SSL / TLS) protocol HTTPS, users will have authentication and privacy of the information sent and received by using cryptography.

  • Several and popular websites are adopting data encryption by default as Wikipedia . Given the importance of safety and because Google will prioritize positioning . of results to the encrypted web pages


All traffic is encrypted Reddit
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June 18, 2015

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