Found dead at his home the actress Laura Antonelli, erotic myth of Italian cinema

English - June 22, 2015


  • The body of the actress was found early in the morning by his assistant who immediately called the service of health emergency.
  • Antonelli was withdrawn film for many years because of a depression and April 27, 1991 she was arrested for possession of cocaine
  • Laura Antonelli:” I want to be forgotten “


Actress Laura Antonelli, one of the ” sex symbols “of Italian cinema of the seventies, has been found dead Monday at age 73 at his home in the Roman town of Ladispoli, Italian news agencies reported.

The body of the actress was found at first morning by his assistant which immediately called the emergency medical service, which certified the death.

Now should be the forensic establish the exact time of death.

Born November 28, 1941 in Pola (south), was initially fitness instructor until in 1969 a producer of fotonovelas discovered its beauty and opened the doors of the cinema.

For a few years, he made occasional acting role, but the role that truly launched to fame was that of a crazy domestic worker who was the master of the house Sicily in the ’50s.

The film was Malice, a film directed in 1973 by Salvatore Samperi, and in her appeared as a provocative and sensual woman, a picture that he became a sex symbol for Italians of the time

Later, acted in other movies like Sessomatto , Dino Risi.; The Innocent , by Luchino Visconti; or Passion of Love , by Ettore Scola.

In the early 90s, he jumped back into the media spotlight, but this time not by issues related to the film.

Antonelli film was withdrawn for many years because of a depression and April 27, 1991 was arrest, after police found 36 grams of cocaine on a silver tray on the table in his room.

She was sentenced to three and a half years in prison in 1991 for drug possession but was acquitted after nine years of judicial process.

In March 2000, a Court of Appeal of Rome accepted the thesis of the defense and ruled that the drug was for personal use and not to be sold.

The operation of cosmetic surgery he underwent in 1992 and almost disfigured face further aggravated their remoteness from the big screen.

In November 1996, Antonelli was admitted to the psychiatric section of a health center of Civitavecchia.

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