7 Google Play Music limitations you should know

English - June 25, 2015

Google Play Music is one of the best services that we can find to listen to your music collection from anywhere device. Allows its users to upload their music library to the new, subscribe to your service payment to listen more than 30 million and ha released in the United States the free radio stations so we can listen to and discover new music without paying in exchange for advertising.

Like any service, Google Play Music also It has its minor limitations, and many of them are not well known by users. Why then let’s take a look watching seven limitations we find in the Google music service


You can upload up to 50,000 songs

The first constraint, and which should be known by now all is that Google Play Music add up to 50,000 songs for free to our account in the cloud of Google Play Music through its web page or Music Manager.

Up to 300 MB per song

The songs that go up have only one limitation, which less than 300 MB per song, which is very rare that we have trouble climbing all our library, only you can give us problems these music sessions created in a single audio file.

Quality MP3 up to 320 kbps

The high quality of Google Play Music is file up to 320 kbps MP3, which Google will lower the quality of the FLAC and AAC highest quality.

Up to 10 devices in total

Google Play Music allows us to hear our music in all our devices, provided they are up to 10 devices in total. This limit is for us not to share our Google account with friends and family.

Disallow up to four devices per year

With the previous limit of 10 devices in total accompanied limit that only allows disavow up to four devices per year so that we can take down the old devices you no longer use to enlist new. Very few people renews more than 4 devices per year, but if this is the case and have exceeded the four disclaimers and will touch us to contact supported by Google to allow us to disallow more devices.

Download a song twice from the web

From a Web browser Google Play Music only allows us to download the same song twice maximum. However, if you install Google Play Music for Chrome or Music Manager and you can download as many times our music without limits.

protected Google Play Music for Android

Another limitation, and most importantly, music is that music downloaded in our Android device may only be heard from the Google Play Music, third-party applications currently can not access our library. From Android 5.0 the music folder is protected, you can not access from a browser, and from earlier payment songs are protected. Instead the songs downloaded from the web are free of DRM

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