The best classic movies about witches

Curiosities, English, Film - November 15, 2022

Witchcraft has been an important theme in the history of cinema, not only in the horror genre, but in everything from humor to romance. Witches have starred in amazing stories since the beginning of celluloid. This time we present: the best classic movies about witches:

Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922)

It is nothing more, nothing less, than a documentary about witches produced a whole century ago. Directed by Benjamin Christensen, who compiled an entire study of the book Malleus Maleficarum, a work of black occultism that the church used to justify witch-hunting in the inquisition of the Middle Ages.

Suspiria (1977)

This is considered one of the most striking films, audiovisually speaking, in the history of horror films. Suspiria is about the events of Suzy, an American girl who arrives in Germany to study ballet. However, strange things happen at the academy where she enrolled. The teachers behave mysteriously and the students disappear without explanation. Suzy gradually enters a web of witchcraft and covens that control the place.

I Married a Witch (1942)

The plot of this film is based on an unfinished novel by Thorne Smith. It is a comedy starring Veronica Lake, who plays the role of a witch who was condemned to be burned at the stake by the Inquisition in the 17th century and her name was Jennifer. But she wanted revenge before she died and put a curse on all the male members of the family of the man who accused her of witchcraft, so that they could never have a happy marriage.

Season of witches (1972)

A film by George a. Romero, which deals with the events that take place around a woman named Joan, a woman devoted to her home and her husband, who never values the treasure she has next to her as a couple, but on the contrary, only gives her blows and mistreatment. But everything changes when Joan befriends a neighbor who knows how to read cards. Joan becomes interested in black magic and learns about the existence of a group of witches, to which she asks to belong. Thanks to this, she begins to awaken powers in exchange for worshipping a strange figure.

The Legend of the Witches (Legend of the Witches 1970)

It is a very rich documentary, which was released to the public in 1970, authored by Malcolm Leigh, who wanted to narrate the beginnings of witchcraft throughout the United Kingdom, with several of the symbols used for their rituals and covens, that although fiction films have shown us as something fanciful, in reality these people dedicated to these dark sciences exist.

Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

It is the story of Kiki, a witch who is in training and goes to live away from her relatives, only with her cat, in order to control and develop her psychic powers. But she must face all the ins and outs and dangers of an unknown city where no one can understand witchcraft. Kiki manages to get a job in a bakery in the home delivery service. All this will shape her character and she focuses on how to project her magical powers.

The Witches (1990)

The events unfold in a town in Norway. A little girl was sent by her parents to buy milk, but on the way she met a strange woman who gave her a sweet. The little girl’s innocence did not lead her to suspect her evil intentions, so she accepted the candy and ate it. Then she disappeared without a trace. They searched for her for days, until they found her where no one would have expected: trapped inside a painting in the living room of her house.

The Craft (1996)

This is a 90’s teen adventure production, directed by Andrew Fleming. The plot revolves around a group of four girls who dedicate themselves to practicing witchcraft for all their whims, but soon the consequences would come. It was a box-office success and is now positioned as a cult film.

We know there are phenomenal productions in this category, which escape us from the list, but you can mention them in the comments box.