How to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone

For one reason or another most of us need to know whether our girlfriend is cheating on us or not. To make this suspicion sure you are supposed to utilize a spy application that could keep track of every single activity of the target device easily.

Now selecting the best spy app to spy on your girlfriend’s phone isn’t easy because this is the time when you need to pick the app out from a huge lot. No worries in case you are in search of a spy application for this purpose.

In this article we are going to let you know which app can be used by you to spy on the spied device. Read this piece of information till the end to find out what you need in the best spy tool.

Why Spyic is the Best Spy App to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone?

By reading this article users would be able to click here spy on girlfriends phone as this is one of the biggest perks one could take advantage of with the help of Spyic. Used by more than 190 states all over the world this application is best known for its high-class performance and reliability.

How to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone

You will not find any other application if your first preference is to monitor the app remotely. Everything is 100% safe and secure with this app as it always keeps in mind that your trust should remain intact. This mobile phone monitoring application is really good when it comes to pricing plans.

Just have a look what other features Spyic has for us to offer:

No Need to Jailbreak or Root

This feature is only associated with Spyic as it doesn’t ask you to root or jailbreak the target phone in case of spying. There is no need to execute any of these features because both the app works without them.

Don’t forget that this directly makes your spying experience way too easy because both of these features require a lot of time, energy and technical know-how and without them one cannot make the app work in any way. With Spyic you have to remain tension free and relax as everything is really simple here.

Ease of Usage

Another thing that people love about this application is the usage that is quite simple for everyone. There is no need to follow any tough commands to use this app as every single instruction is clear and understandable for everyone.

No need to equip yourself with any kind of technical knowledge to use this application and this feature makes Spyic everyone’s favorite. Even people of old age and newbies can make it work without any trouble.

Compatible and User-Friendly

I personally like this application because there is no need to look around in search of an iOS spy app in case you are using it for android because Spyic works for both kinds of operating systems, whether it is used for iOS or or android. The level of compatibility is really incredible as the results are totally outstanding.

If you need to spy on your girlfriend’s phone that is iOS then just add an iCloud account details to her account and you are good to go with the app. In case of android you need to install the app in the target device and let it work in the background after the process of installation ends.

Spyic consists of a really small size, doesn’t drain the battery of the target device and that’s the reason the app is totally safe for you to use and your girlfriend would not be able to find out about you being spying.


With the help of Spyic’s keylogger you can gain access to every single detail of the spied phone easily because it has this in-built system that lets you keep track of every single key-stroke that has been made on the spied device.

How to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone

In simple words we can say that everything that the user of the target phone will receive, write and send through the phone will be recorded and you will gain access to that information easily. It also reveals social media account passwords so we can say without any doubt that there is nothing that this app doesn’t expose.

Affordable and Great Customer Support Service

This feature cannot be ignored as Spyic is best known for its pricing plans that are really cool for everyone to afford. If you don’t need to spend a huge amount on the spy app then there is no other deal better than this one.

Spyic offers multiple subscription plans for you to pick from so just visit the official webpage and pick the one that comes up to the level of your spying requirements. Except from all these features their customer support service is really good and anyone can ask them for guidance as they work 24/7 for the sake of your ease.

Social Media Accounts

By using Spyic users would be able to get to know about the social media activities of the target device. You can check all the activities of Skype, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and see other profiles as well. Even the information that has been removed from the accounts or deleted would also be recovered.

Spying on your Girlfriend’s Phone with Spyic (For Android)

Step 1: As the initial step just sign up to Spyic and pick a subscribe plan.

How to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone

Step 2: From here now open up ‘Welcome Email’ and go to the download link from where you are supposed to let the device install the app from unknown sources.

Step 3: Now install the app by giving it permissions to work in the right way and hide the icon of Spyic from the screen.

Step 4: At the end just go to your Spyic control panel and see the dashboard from where you can track all the activities of your girlfriend’s phone.

How to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone

Spying on your Girlfriend’s Phone with Spyic (For iOS)

Step 1: As the first step just go and register an account with Spyic and check out the pricing plans that are there before selecting the one that suits your spying needs in the best way possible.

Step 2: Now you will get an email after buying Spyic where you can tap on the “Start Monitoring” button to go for the Control Panel.

Step 3: Here identify the target device and select the “iOS(iCloud)” mobile operating system.

Step 4: You can add the iCloud and password to confirm and pick the target iOS device that you are going to monitor.

How to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone

Step 5: At the end now you can log in to your web-based Control Panel from where you can browse via the dashboard and get to know about your girlfriend’s phone activities.


We hope that the above information would be really helpful for you in choosing the right spy app to monitor the mobile phone activities of your girlfriend without any trouble. The best thing is that here everything can be done via remote processing and you don’t have to remain close to the spied phone in any way for spying.

The results are also incredible and nobody would be able to find out about you being spying on the phone as it is completely safe to use. Go for it and don’t waste your time in search of the perfect spy app.

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