Open Source Game Emulators for Android

Open Source Game Emulators for Android

Hi folks! Welcome to another installment of Applications OpenSource. If you do not know what the OpenSource I recommend you pass by this introduction first step and ye seek the previous OpenSource application delivery. In this installment we will review the emulators games, ie applications that allow us to play games from other platforms.

Such applications try to make available modern technology these games classics that marked us when we were children. While some of these games have been ported to new platforms (being Carmageddon the most recent case), most are not ported, because some company has distribution legal rights and not only did not want to make a new version, but not only releases the code and / or the graphics to allow others to do so.

Avocado, the perfect application for couples In Android, applications also exist for...

On this basis, developers (usually for leisure) are devoted to program applications that create a virtual environment within which functions as another Android platform, in this case, a console platform. In other words: if we can not bring the game to a new platform, the new platform to bring their games to Android. Although the intention is clear, this process is not as simple as that, “emulate” a platform may be lost capabilities and many problems arise. So it is important that these apps are open source developers to participate all you want.

War emulators

As I said, the emulators are born because the companies do not release their games, much as they are no longer sold or have already more than covered benefits. These companies have a legal right to do whatever they want with this code, and that includes block access to those who do not buy it by the correct channels and therefore its presence in Google Play sometimes drops precipitously.

Google is a great company and as such has many enemies. So much so that usually prefer not to get into scrubs and deny possibility of hanging wing emulators in your store, if there was one, but ended up removing. Lately have resurfaced, but as no one can say how long they last, we will offer all the way: our favorite open source repository, Fdroid, or link to Google Play.

In addition to the games themselves, the emulator often allow us to save at any time, accelerate game here are many configurations that lie between the positions of the buttons or pads using bluetooth. Just do not expect you to always look perfectly. Unfortunately experience can range from spectacular or hopeless, but in my case, with one exception, all were of fable.

Not so fast!

emuladors Some of these games do not include, and require unload and even sometimes prepare for use. This process is very simple and is explained step by step for each emulator, so before you start downloading, look if you can find games that interest you. A very good OAR to do is CoolRom or PdRoms. Unload Only you will have to select from games and you own emulator. Now, let’s go.

GameBoid (Gamboy Advance)

Download Gameboid from Fdroid

GBCoid (GameBoy Color)

Download GBCoid from Fdroid

Mupen64 Plus AE (Nintendo 64)

Note that this emulator is the only one of the nominated today gave me some problems, but maybe in your terminal you may have better luck.

Mupen64 download from Fdroid

Application on Google Play

nds4droid (NintendoDS)

This is one of those who better go, but having to put two screens in more controls, you should test it on a tablet or phablet (one more reason why I love my Note II).

Download nds4droid from Fdroid

Application in Google Play


These games work a little different to others because disponéis two possible formats for this. My recommendation is that you look first to the list of compatible games here and then seek via Google in. ico as they do not hang them on their own page for legal reasons.

Note: There are many blogs where you will find what you seek, in different languages, but given the number of possibilities and sources we can not name all.

Download PPSSPP from Fdroid

Application on Google Play

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