10 curious facts of Whiplash

Whiplash is a US dramatic film from 2014, written and directed by Damien Chazelle, released in 2014 and nominated for an Oscar as best film in which the young jazz drummer Andrew Neiman is taken to the limit by the conductor. These are some of his curiosities.

10 curious facts of Whiplash

  1. During the recordingthe director did not shout “cut” for Miler Teller to stop playing the drums when he was really tired.
  2. Just two days after completing recordings, Teller tapped J.K Simmons, breaking two ribs. Despite this Simmons finished the recordings.
  3. At the beginning, and in the absence of funds, it was a short film and ended up being the winner in its genre, with what was done to resources with which Damien Chazelle could turn it into a film.
  4. Teller got blisters on his hands during the recordings and literally bled and stainedthe drums and drumsticks.
  5. Buddy Rich, the drummer who is taken by Andrew as an idol and icon in the film, never received any musical training.
  6. Andrew appears in all the scenes.
  7. Whiplash is the film made with the least economic budget that has been nominated for an Oscar.
  8. The first drafts of the script, were initially written as a psychological thriller.
  9. Austin Stowell, who plays Ryan, had no experience playing guitar, but he managed to prepare for his role in just one month.
  10. J.K Simmons appropriated so much of his character that he pronounced the only improvised line in the whole movie when he tells Andrew: “You are a sanctimonious patán”.

In short, this is a surprise film that was not expected much, but that managed to make a place in the difficult market of Hollywood and the film industry, accompanied by the commitment of its director, who did not falter at the key moment.

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