TOP 11 Sports Grounds in Dubai

TOP 11 Sports Grounds in Dubai

If you are a sportsman, you should keep fit even on vacation. That is why Dubai is the best vacation spot for those who like sports. To prove this, we have collected the 11 best sports grounds in this city.

Kite Beach

Kite Beach is a public place that is very popular with local runners. A jogging path with a comfortable soft cover and understandable markings is built along the coast. If you prefer water sports, then try a surfboard race called paddleboarding. In addition, yoga classes are held here for all visitors. There is also a beach volleyball court here, and nearby a skate park XDubai Skatepark with jumps and ramps of different difficulty levels.

Al Ittihad Park

The picturesque Al Ittihad Park on Palm Jumeirah is perfect for a morning or evening run. The local playground has a large selection of exercise machines for those who feel like pulling up, squatting, and doing push-ups. And if you come to work out with your children, there is an excellent children’s playground here.

Burj Park

Burj Park is a great sports ground in the heart of Dubai! It often hosts group classes, yoga workshops, and CrossFit workouts. The green lawns offer a wonderful view of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. There is no fee for visiting the park and there are dozens of restaurants and cafes nearby.

Al Qudra Cycle Track

Al Qudra Cycle Track in the middle of the Dubai desert is very popular with those who prefer active rest. People come here from all over the UAE. The total length of the track is 84 kilometers. The best times to visit are early morning and late evening. You can rent a bike and equipment at one of the many rental centers.

Tip: As Al Qudra Cycle Track is located outside the city, you can rent lamborghini dubai to get there. You’ll also get the experience of driving a luxury car.


The DropZone sports ground is located in the Dubai Marina. Here you will find ropes, monkey bars, and even a real sprint track. You can visit this place for free and, for example, join one of the yoga workshops, meditation sessions, and other outdoor group activities.

La Mer

The open-air gym called Fit Hub is located at Laguna Waterpark in La Mer. Come here to train your muscles, do yoga, dance, or even box. After training, you can raft along the Lazy River or just drink a glass of fresh squeezed juice.

Dubai Marina

There are several free sports grounds on the waterfront in front of the Dubai Marina Mall. The local cycling and jogging paths are popular with local sportsmen.

Al Barsha Pond Park

If you are looking for a place to do sports in good weather, then visit Al Barsha Pond Park. Here you can play tennis, basketball, volleyball, and football. The park has a cycle and jogging path. In addition, there is a wide range of exercise machines to work out all muscle groups. Yoga classes are also often held here.

Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk

This is a popular place for jogging and relishing marvellous views and luxury cars passing by. The 11-kilometer path in the form of the crescent moon connects Rixos The Palm with One & Only The Palm. This place provides a magnificent view of the city and the Persian Gulf. There are plenty of parking slots along the waterfront, and you will also find dozens of trailers with delicious food and refreshments here.

Mushrif National Park

This is a luxurious green park where there are all the necessary conditions for a pleasant stay. Have a BBQ picnic, birdwatching, and walk through the botanical garden. Visit one of many restaurants and sports grounds, including a swimming pool, cycle path, and soccer field.

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