Jules Verne’s Time Machine Found

Curiosities, English, Film - December 19, 2022
Image 1. Jules Verne’s Time Machine Found

Since ancient times, mankind has dreamed of being able to travel in time. Great science fiction writers have used this theme in their works, but one of the most surprising is Jules Verne, an enigmatic character who could prove that it is possible.

Verne, in his writings, described objects and situations that, at that time, in the 19th century, did not yet exist and with time appeared as they were, with complete accuracy. And now, a team of archaeologists, belonging to the Descartes University, claims to have found what they consider to be “the time machine in which Jules Verne traveled”. Let’s see:

This group of archaeologists is focused on finding Jules Verne’s personal objects and using the help of drones, geo-positioning algorithms, geo-radars and works of the French writer. In this way they were able to find a metal box dating from the 19th century, marked with strange symbols, in the vicinity of the Pyrenees, in a place near the Occitania region. According to them, everything points to the fact that it was the property of the writer.

In this strange box they found books and all kinds of documents belonging to the father of fiction. But it is not just any box, but is thought to be an unknown artifact, which allegedly has the power to move in time.

Jules Verne’s exact prophecies

With the passing of the years, the uncertainty grows as to how this writer was able to guess with such fine precision that several surprising elements that he described in his plausible and marvelous literary works would appear in the future. Ever since he began to put together various coincidences, it has been believed that he could somehow travel in time.

His real name was Jules Gabriel Verne and he is the most translated writer of the last centuries, after Agatha Christie. Several movies have been produced inspired by his books, such as “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, among many others.

Incredibly, long before the idea of television even appeared, he spoke of this invention in his time and his readers admired him for having such a brilliant imagination, but they never believed that in the twentieth century everything would appear to the letter, not only that magic box so important in society, but also helicopters, submarines and even interplanetary ships.

A century earlier, he anticipated the arrival of man on the moon and as if he had seen it with his own eyes, he detailed the submarine, which in his time was a fantasy, since people did not conceive the possibility of navigating the bottom of the ocean. It was only part of a fantasy that Verne was just injecting into the minds of the people of that time.

There are numerous artifacts and events that he predicted with astonishing perfection. He predicted that China, Russia and the United States would be the three most important powers in the world. In his book entitled “The Amazing Adventure of the Barsac Mission”, he speaks of a situation exactly like that of the Nazis, focused on scientific development for eugenic purposes.

Before any scientist, he was the first to talk about rockets launching into space, air conditioning systems, missile weaponry, among many other inventions of the next two centuries. Some compare him to great seers such as Nostradamus. One of his most striking famous phrases, because of its relation to all this, is: “Can imagination come true?

Can imagination come true?

“Whatever a man is capable of imagining, others will realize”. Likewise, in one of his works whose name is “The Albatross of Robur”, he prophesies with complete accuracy: “The men of the XXIX century live in modern cities with long roads, with tall houses 300 meters high and under a sky furrowed by aircars and airbuses”. That has not yet happened, but everything is on its way.

Among other outstanding predictions, he said that the time would come when China would have to control the birth rate. That cluster bombs would be created. That films with sound would be produced. Huge buildings and skyscrapers would be built.

In the book entitled “From the Earth to the Moon”, written in 1865, he mentions how a great space projectile called Columbiad is launched towards Selene, the Moon. A century and four years later, the United States sent to the natural satellite a rocket that they baptized Apollo, in a mission whose name was Columbia and with a weight almost exact to the one detailed in the book.

As if that were not enough, he spoke of the appearance of the Internet and the fax, as well as a whole wireless communication technology that covered the entire planetary globe. At that time there was no electrical system and Verne told the world about cities full of lights everywhere. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, he predicted that a fast train with high capacity would appear and cross the whole of Paris.

Nothing much was yet known about outer space and he was already describing the phenomenon of antigravity and how objects float when they leave the planet, something that NASA discovered some time later. Undoubtedly, Verne accumulates an enormous number of coincidences, which have motivated many to think that he knew some method of traveling in time or at least, to see the future in some way.

It is said that he belonged to a Masonic secret society, from which he extracted all his knowledge. Something very similar to Matt Groening who, with his cartoons of The Simpsons, has managed to predict a great number of other facts and devices, with an impressive success.