The true story of the fallen angels

The true story of the fallen angels

Within the Judeo-Christian mythology, angels play a fundamental role. The sacred books of these religions, such as the Bible, the Torah, the Talmud, the Zohar, among others, speak of two kinds: the angelic hosts that faithfully serve the Creator and those who betrayed Him and rebelled, being punished and sent to the abyss.

Many people throughout the world relate their testimonies of having witnessed in some way, the intervention of these divine winged beings, with their wings and white robes. However, there are also those who worship those with black wings, horns and tails. Do these dimensional beings really exist? Let’s see: “the true story of the fallen angels”:

The origin of evil

The scriptures narrate that those rebellious and treacherous angels were expelled from heaven and thrown to the bowels of the Earth, in submerged worlds or better known as the infernal worlds, from where they corrupt human beings injecting them with all kinds of low instincts and bestial behaviors, controlling their psychology without almost anyone noticing it.

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That is why they are also called demons. Curiously, many other mythologies of other times and cultures, describe the same beings of both light and darkness only with other names, as in Buddhism, Egyptian civilization, Hindu mythology, Greco-Roman, etc. The most important mission of these infernal creatures would be to cause the spiritual perdition of all human beings.

It is said that the leader or head of all the demonic legions or fallen angels is Lucifer, the “Light Bearer”, represented in the tempting serpent that provoked Adam and Eve to eat the symbolic fruit of the tree of knowledge, tempted to become true gods and that is why they dared to eat that forbidden apple.

Then, according to the biblical and rabbinical books, Lucifer received a heavy punishment for having provoked the corruption of man. He has been called Satan, since then, although versions are divided and some consider that they are two different beings. But the specific point is that an opponent of God was presented and for that reason a great battle was generated.

The great battle of the forces of good against the forces of evil

Saint Michael appears in history as the angel who equaled Lucifer in beauty and power and his mission was to expel him from heaven and all the angels who decided to support him, who were estimated to be 200 deserters, whose condemnation was to wander through the underworld and the Earth until the end of time.

After the battle of heaven and the expulsion of the first legions, some others fell, when they were very tempted to become intimate with human women, falling prisoners in the clutches of passionate lust, vanity, disobedience, pride, etc. Practically, the so-called seven deadly sins developed in them.

Some of those angels fallen by the charm of lustful pleasures, according to the Judaic books, were for example Samael, Azael and Semyazza, who fell in love with some women of the Earth and for that reason, they were banished from the superior celestial worlds.

Luzbel, that angel of great command and beauty that surpassed almost all the angels of heaven, to the point that he directed and commanded them, made the mistake of believing himself to be of a higher level than the Creator himself. Or currently known as the demon Azazel, who in that mythical past was a cherub of high hierarchy and now is in charge of bringing knowledge of weapons and wars to humanity. Or what about Asmodeus, the father of orgy, adultery and lust.

In the Judeo-Christian postulate, the division would have begun by a test to which God subjected the angels and consisted of revealing to them in visions, the future incarnation of Jesus Christ, his Divine Son, warning them that they should serve and worship Him eternally.

But Luzbel manifested himself radically against it, because he did not want to be replaced by someone superior. Then, full of anger and pride, he convinced almost a third part of the angels to rebel with him and that was when he raised a war cry, which is mentioned in the scriptures and says: “I will not serve and be equal to the Most High” (Is. 14:14).

From that moment, the battle between the forces of Light and darkness is increasingly frantic and in that order of ideas, humanity would be in the midst of the terrible war and would be the protagonist.

Practically, it can be affirmed that the fallen angels are all demons. There is a correlation between the inner world and the outer world, as taught by Hermes Trismegistro: “As within, so without. As above, so below. That is why in the world of esotericism we speak of the inner demons, related to the outer demons. For example, an external demon called Asmodeus (fallen angel) is related to lust.

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