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How to add nicknames to your cards in Google Pay

How to add nicknames to your cards in Google PayHow to add nicknames to your cards in Google Pay

If you have added multiple credit cards and/or debit to the payment platform Google Pay to pay online and in stores, and you hardly know what entity is each card, then you’ll like the next.

The latest version of Google Pay has been updated to allow us to give a name to our cards, so you do not have to memorize the last four numbers so you know which card we are paying for.

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Google Pay: how to add a credit card to pay with your mobile

Add a nickname to a card

To add a name so we just have to open the application Google Pay, go to the tab Payment, click on a card and look for the new option Add nickname. There, now we can assign a name of up to 25 characters.

Left: no nicknames | Right: with nicknames

once you have a nickname for our cards in the main view of the application we will see their names instead of your last four digits. Only in the supported cards for contactless payments we will see the design of the bank, in the not supported, we will see only the icon of Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Thanks to the nicknames we will have no more doubts about what bank is each card. The only problem is now is that the nicknames only appear in the app Google Pay, still have not implemented this feature in the web version, but it is expected that they will soon also display the nicknames.

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