“OK Google, goodnight”, how to make Google Home you soothing sounds to go to sleep

put yourself in the following situation: you come home after a long and hard day of work, you make dinner and decide to go to sleep soon. It costs sleep, so you close your eyes and imagine that summer on the beach sleeping with the sound of the waves of the sea in the background. But what if you could play it really? what if you could go to bed every night with the sound of the beach? With the Google Home is possible.

Assistant is installed with a default function thanks to which you can ask them to play different soothing sounds, from the water of a river to the birds in a forest, before you go to bed. Let’s see how to do it.

“OK Google, good night”

Make your Google Home play soothing sounds, is very simple, you only have to configure the appropriate routine. To do this, go to Google Assistant, go to Settings > Routines and locate “Good night”. Then, select the options you want. We, for example, we have configured it to tell us the time of the next day and asked the time of the alarm.

Now, go to “Adjusting the media volume” and put it to a medium-low level, so that the sounds are heard in the background, but without being annoying. The volume will depend on how far you have the device and the size of the room, so try several configurations and choose the one that suits you.

don’t worry about the time, the sounds will stop automatically

Finally, at the bottom, where it says “And then play…” select “Sounds for sleep”. If you click on the wheel settings right, you can choose the one you like the most. There is rain, sea, stream, river, thunderstorm, forest, night in the field, fireplace, and white noise. When you’re done, save it.

Routines In the routine “Good night” you can set all the parameters you want, such as, for example, that tell you what the weather will be tomorrow and play a relaxing sound in the background that will automatically shut off.

once you have saved the routine, you will only have to say “OK Google, goodnight” and all that you have marked will happen automatically. is What you can do to get up. You can set up a similar routine (“OK Google, hello”) to tell you the state of the traffic to work, the events on the calendar, the time, turn on the light of the room and put some of your favorite songs on Spotify.

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“OK Google, goodnight”, how to make Google Home you soothing sounds to go to sleep
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