How to turn your old mobile into a Google Home

How to turn your old mobile into a Google Home

The speakers smart you have come to the market to make our day-to-day easier, but for the moment, your price does not make them accessible to the entire world. What would be the solution? Sure that you have an old mobile home that does not already use it, so read attentive, because we will explain to you how to turn your old smartphone into a Google Home.

Before you start working, the basics: What do you need? Just two things, a speaker and a mobile phone. The first has a few requirements, in fact, simply operate, no matter if you do it via Bluetooth or cable. If you can choose, you choose always the latter, as the former are often disconnected if you do not detect activity for a period of time.

In the case of the phone, the phone must be compatible with Google Assistant, so that you must have at least Android Marshmallow to be able to function. In addition, you will need 1.5 GB of free space on your phone and a screen with a resolution of 720 pixels.

First steps with Google Assistant

How to turn your old mobile into a Google Home

As we advance, for your mobile phone to function as a speakerphone smart, it must be compatible with Google Assistant. To check this you have two options: download it from Google Play or press and hold the Home button for a few minutes. In the case of be, the wizard will start automatically and you can simply say “OK, Google” to start working with it.

How to turn your old mobile into a Google Home

It’s time to set up Google Assistant. Go to Settings > Google, and click on “Search, the Wizard and the Voice”. There you need to select “Voice Match” and access the wizard to configure the detection of “OK Google” and save your voice for the wizard to recognise it and be able to obey your orders. This is done, select the “Hands free” mode and activates the wizard for Bluetooth devices and wired.

How to turn your old mobile into a Google Home

Connecting mobile phone and speaker

Remember that for everything to work properly, your mobile phone must always be attentive to your voice commands. To do this, go to Settings > Google > Search, assistant, and voice > Voice. Active options for access to Voice Match and unlock the phone to say “OK, Google”.

Until now, the basic thing to give orders to your mobile, but, to consider it as a Google Home to use, you need to connect it to your speaker conventional. To do so, simply do it via Bluetooth or through a cable.

are you Ready? You already have created your speaker smart home. Now you just have a pair with your smart devices you have at home to be able to interact with him fully. Thus, in addition to answer questions about the weather or the traffic, you’ll be able to ask that dims the lights of your house or turn on the heating at a particular time.

Without microphones and always plugged in

How to turn your old mobile into a Google Home

Probably, the main problem you might find on your Google Home home is the quality in the detection of the voice. While the speaker in the Google account with noise cancellation technology and microphone of high quality, able to listen to our voice in adverse circumstances, mobile phones are quite retarded in this aspect.

How to turn your old mobile into a Google Home


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in Addition, you must keep in mind that both the mobile phone and the speaker must remain connected to the power at all times, and the latter must have also disabled the option “auto Off”. The only way the phone will be ready to listen to you at any moment, and the speaker is ready to play the sound.

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