They traveled back in time to the time of Jesus of Nazareth

They traveled back in time to the time of Jesus of Nazareth

One of the most famous writers in the world today, has been reporting for decades in his books, that in the 1970s a secret U.S. military operation was carried out by the U.S. Air Force, where they allegedly traveled back in time to the time of Jesus of Nazareth. Let’s look at the story:

“Jesus of Nazareth was very different from how he has been painted to us” J. J. Benitez.

A Spanish writer who for several decades has been telling the world about the same subject: more than 5 thousand pages and 9 volumes written about secret investigations that have been made about the true life of Jesus Christ. Even so, he still says he has much to tell about what he has called “Operation Trojan Horse”, which he started in 1946.

Disclosure questioned

Benitez affirms in all his interviews, that more than gaining fame and money, he feels a great relief showing humanity that it has been deceived and that there are hidden details about the Savior of the world, which radically change the way of appreciating life, history and everything. He says that throughout his career, he has had to face rude, retarded and even aggressive reactions from people who are very attached to their beliefs and dogmas.

One of his assertions that has caused the most commotion is that Jesus of Nazareth would not have founded any kind of ecclesiastical structure and that the Virgin Mary was not really a virgin, but a woman initiated in transcendental mysteries of the Spirit. J.J. Benitez assures that he is not a science fiction writer, but a journalist who has the ethical obligation to report all those data that, according to him, he has confirmed to be true.

J.J. Benitez has traveled around the world exhibiting his works, especially Caballo de Troya (Trojan Horse), which so far has been published 9 times, where he affirms that current religions are fully deceived with the truth of the facts surrounding Jesus of Nazareth.

The story begins in the village called Beit Ids, in the time of Christ. It details how he and two Air Force pilots traveled back in time on an expedition sponsored by the U.S. government in 1973. According to the descriptions of the writer and journalist, they traveled in an artifact that science was able to develop several decades ago, which they baptized as “cradle”, due to its resemblance to that object.

The book indicates that these time travelers were in front of Jesus Christ, in the year 29, when the miracle of the Wedding at Cana was about to take place. But previously, these characters had to prepare themselves very well by learning Latin, Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek. They claim to have witnessed several supernatural works of Jesus before the great miracle of Cana, although religions say that this was the first miracle.

Benitez affirms that he witnessed live and direct, in person, when Christ himself turned water into wine. In his own words he stated:

“They ran out of wine because the celebration was intended for two or three hundred people, but a thousand were gathered there who wanted to see Jesus. It was Mary who asked him to help the bride and groom, and Jesus refused. But in the face of Mary’s tears, he felt tenderness and finally made that transformation of water into wine, which was not as we have been told”.

In the ninth issue of Caballo de Troya, J.J. Benítez also explains details of the beheading of John the Baptist and says that it was much more terrible than what has been told. He also says that almost no one could understand Jesus, not even his own family nor his disciples understood the correct meaning of the knowledge he transmitted. Literally, the writer describes the Nazarene as follows: “a new Jesus of Nazareth, a divine and human creature”.

Another crucial point that stands out in the works of Caballo de Troya, is that the author points out the intervention of extraterrestrials and spaceships in the whole drama of Jesus Christ. For example, in the first installment, he relates how an intergalactic ship appeared in the Garden of Olives and it was there, when his clothes were transformed and he cried tears of blood.

That is why J.J. Benítez has made it clear that he is now fully dedicated to the investigation of the UFO phenomenon, about which he confesses that all the governments and armies of the world have had privileged information for a long time. True or not, there have been millions of copies sold of this different volumes of Caballo de Troya.

The official version of the scientists

Time travel is a recurring theme in science fiction and theoretical physics. The basic idea is that it would be possible to travel through time to visit past or future events. However, current physics does not allow time travel in the conventional sense, since the laws of physics, especially Einstein’s special and general relativity, suggest that time can only move forward.

Still, there are some theories and proposals, such as Einstein’s general relativity, quantum physics and string physics that suggest the possibility of time travel under certain extreme circumstances, such as in a black hole or an expanding universe. However, these theories are highly speculative and have not yet been experimentally demonstrated.

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