The Star’s Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah


Named The Star, this card occupies in correlative order the seventeenth position of the greatest arcanes of the tarot. In this article we will summarize the symbolic features attributed to this deck, as well as the possible interpretations of it by the carmantics experts in this medieval oracle apparently emerging in Italy.

In this card we can see in front of a naked young woman who leans on her knees on a stream of water. Like The Temperance’s card, he holds two jugs with his hands, only he does not exchange water between them, but pours the contents of the two containers into the river. Over it, eight stars are joined in the sky. On the ground, beside it birds and vegetation.

According to most tarotists this young woman represents beauty, youth and innocence; for its part the river symbolizes the vital becoming with its dangers. It is also related to fertility news.  Stars for some represent The Force, enlightenment, although others also point out that they are a symbol of the infinite.


Generally speaking, cartomantics agree that this card is linked to intellectual plane and success, warning of glare, triumph, communications and creativity. It also tells the consultant that it is time to have a great mental strength so that we have clear ideas that allow us to make the best decisions.

It also refers to luck, youth and beauty. If the consultant is linked to the world of entertainment and the media the presence of this card gives very good omen, in terms of the projection that the consultant will achieve in the world of the show. Likewise this card can refer to what we should see.

Likewise, the different streams of thought relate this card to other elements. For example, the Cabalistics associates this card with the Hebrew letter Peth and with the sign Aquarius.

For numerology instead this card represents the number seventeen, which in this discipline has a terrible meaning, indicating insanity and tragedy, but which nevertheless in the tarot takes on a different meaning. For its part esotericism associates the star’s chart with the planet Mercury, the planet of communications, also relates it to the Element Air.

Likewise, the tarotists believe that this card has a specific meaning for each plane of existence. In this sense, the presence of the Star’s card in a consultation on the spiritual plane may be referring to the material being that divine essence that we all carry within us. Emotionally, this card indicates a proper and healthy thought structure. As for the material, this chart speaks of the energies. However, like the rest of the cards, The Star must be analyzed in context, i.e. we must take into account the cards of which it is accompanied.

For their part, the plans of daily life also find an interpretation in the presence of this card. For example, if the consultant seeks to analyze a final result, the appearance of The Star’s card may be announcing that he will finally achieve his goals, as he has the necessary talent and gifts.

He also speaks of charisma as a key to open the doors with which it is achieved. If, on the other hand, the consultant tries to specify a specific person within the reading, the presence of this card may point to a charismatic, communicative, lucky and good star person. It can also refer to people united in the world of arts and entertainment.

If instead the consultant wants to analyze his love field, the appearance of this card announces to the consultant the arrival of romantic moments. If the person is single this card warns of the early arrival of a new love. It also indicates a moment of great appeal on the part of the consultant. As for the area of health, this card indicates a good time, especially for psychological health, as it would be referring to the mental clarity that the consultant lives.

In the field of work the presence of Star’s Tarot Card announces that it is a good time to give yourself completely in a task or profession, as come moments of great creativity, projection and success. It also indicates possible promotions, pay rises and new offers. As for the economics, The Star’s card signals unexpected arrival of money, either for an increase or for a prize.

And if it appears inverted

Also, like the rest of the cards, The Star also has a meaning if it comes to appear inverted in a reading. In this case on the loving level the presence of this card may be warning the consultant of the need to attend to his partner and be attractive. This chart may also be indicating the need to change the look. As for health, the appearance of the inverted Star can signal small headaches and vision problems.

As for the work plane, the presence of the inverted Star is interpreted by most tarotists as a period of delay at work.

The consultant is advised to place great interest in the communications he establishes with his colleagues and bosses to avoid misunderstandings. In the economic area this inverted card warns the consultant that this is not a good time to take risks, and that on the contrary it is necessary to adjust to a budget and savings, as some health incidents may lead to excessive spending.

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The Star’s Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah
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August 28, 2019

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