Sixto Paz and the teachings of extraterrestrials about the origin of humanity

Sixto Paz and the teachings of extraterrestrials about the origin of humanity

If we compare the Earth with the immensity of the Universe, we realize that we live inside what is not even the size of a tiny grain of sand on a beach; and it is not the only beach. In such an effect, will our tiny planet be the only one that harbors intelligent life in an incalculable infinity? And if extraterrestrial life existed, what kind of knowledge would they have, what could they teach us?

If we compare the Earth with the immensity of the Universe, we realize that we live inside what is not even the...

Sixto Paz and the “cosmic plan”

Sixto Paz Wells, one of the most notable researchers of the UFO phenomenon in the world, affirms that human beings from Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons, would have contacted him in 1974 and, although in principle the contact was limited to merely physical aspects, with time it was advancing towards more philosophical aspects and they were revealing to him what would be the history of humanity and the “cosmic plan” of the planet.

The dimensions of the universe

Sixto Paz relates that the aliens would have told him that human beings have been the result of various genetic experiments by advanced civilizations, including miscegenation with aliens, and that we are an experiment with which it is intended to generate humans of a higher moral level. .

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According to them, we live in a material universe of seven dimensions, and we have seven bodies: the physical, the astral, the lower mental or personality, the higher mental, the soul, the spirit and the essence. Seven bodies to develop in the seven dimensions of this material universe. However, beyond the seventh dimension, there would be a parallel universe to this corresponding to the mental universe where the entities that we know as angels would inhabit and that would move from the eighth to the tenth dimension. And beyond the eleventh dimension would be the spiritual universe.

The material, mental and spiritual universes

The spiritual universe would have created the mental universe and, in turn, the mental universe to the spiritual universe. In this way, God would not have created us directly, but through intermediate hierarchies; that is, the hierarchies of the mental universe, known as the Hellel, or ultraterrestrials, also called the sons of God, hierarchies such as angels, archangels, etc. They would have created life and civilizations in the material universe.

The stagnation of civilizations

The first civilizations of this creation would have evolved very quickly, and as they evolved they helped the nascent civilizations. But at some point the advanced extraterrestrial civilizations began to stop their moral evolution. They would have advanced quite a bit on a mental and technological level, but they stagnated at the level of emotions and, somehow, they forgot them, preventing them from advancing beyond the seventh dimension, preventing them from connecting with spiritual consciousness and they stagnated evolutionarily.

the cosmic council

This caused a cosmic council to be held of the creatures of the mental universe, the ultraterrestrials, Hellel or creator parents, to review what would have been wrong. Lucifer, a very lofty creature of the mental universe, would have suggested that the error was to have facilitated evolution too much by not creating an opposition force that would require the maximum effort of the different humanities, and suggested that dissociative entities should be inserted in the universe that would prevent evolution. evolution to the maximum to demand greater effort from the humanities.

However, he suggested that this should be done on humanities on which they had acted directly, which were in the fifth and sixth dimension of consciousness and which were close to connecting with the spiritual universe, while the other ultraterrestrials suggested that said experiment should be done on civilizations that were just beginning.

But in order not to change the rules of the game, neither one nor the other, it ended up being affected and a third option was to carry out said experiment on civilizations that would never have existed, something that Luzbel or Lucifer did not like at all, who from the beginning tried boycott the plan because it did not conform to what he considered correct.

Experiment on planet earth

Planet Earth was one of eight planets chosen from a group of four galaxies that revolve around the Great Andromeda Nebula. However, aliens continue to teach, our planet died about 1.2 billion years ago due to meteoric rain, but advanced civilizations received authorization to travel through time and space to reach Earth and prevent it from dying.

This would have created a paradoxical alternative time, but it would allow civilizations to emerge in the future over which the dissociative entities would act, demanding the maximum from the human being, but which, on the other hand, would allow them to reach evolutionary levels that they themselves have not reached, becoming masters of their own masters.

The first terrestrial civilizations

The first civilization would have been of extraterrestrial origin, composed of beings from the Swan Constellation who would have lived in Antarctica. During the Mesozoic, new extraterrestrial civilizations populated northern Europe, in what would become the Hyperborean civilization, on a planet dominated by dinosaurs. However, 65 million years ago new meteoric rain hit the earth, wiping out almost all life on earth, including the dinosaurs which, but for that event, would have evolved into more intelligent forms and become the indigenous intelligent life on planet Earth. This discouraged the higher hierarchies from concentrating on the other planets.

Eventually, three of those planets were destroyed in their entirety and the project failed on the remaining four planets, so the eyes were set again on planet Earth, bringing the surprise that about 80 thousand years ago a race had not only survived but had advanced to advanced levels of consciousness. It was the Lemurian race, the black and indigenous race of the planet.

However, these hierarchies realized that their expansion of consciousness had not been achieved in a normal way, but in large part thanks to the use of hallucinogenic plants, so they decided to propitiate a collective oblivion of this race to begin the process again, this time with the supervision of these entities.

The Cosmic Watchers and the Great Rebellion

Then, about 25 thousand years ago, beings from Orion and the Pleiades were sent as watchers. The beings coming from Orion had a reptilian aspect and their leader was known as Satanel and adhered to the position of Luzbel or Lucifer, so at some point he also tried to boycott the experiment on Earth, which eventually caused a real galaxy war between the aliens from Orion and the Pleiades.

Finally the dissidents were defeated and replaced by beings from Sirius, but since then the dissidents were determined to annihilate humanity and to make fail the cosmic plan of the creator fathers to produce beings of a superior perfection constituting a government in the shadow and influencing people of different areas to generate chaos, hatred, death and confusion in humanity.

These same beings would have also dissuaded a group of Pleiadian extraterrestrials to have sexual relations with human beings on Earth, which generated hybrids that settled on several islands of the Atlantic Ocean. The extraterrestrial parents of the Atlanteans would have provided them with advanced technology, although they would eventually abandon the planet, which was perceived as a good thing because it allowed the rest of humanity to continue its normal evolutionary process.

Attempts to consummate the plan

Throughout this process, the supporters of the cosmic plan tried, in principle, to influence a culture, the Sumerians; but the sinister forces ended up boycotting the plans and the Sumerians confronted each other and ended up exterminated by the Akkadians, something also originated by the Anunaki, beings who did not agree with the cosmic plan.

In view of this, the coalition decided to work not on a large collective, but on an elite and reduced group of people: the Egyptian priests, who were the depositaries of extraterrestrial knowledge and secret teachings. But over time, the priests ended up hiding the teachings, either out of selfishness or because they did not consider the rest of humanity worthy or prepared to receive those teachings, and finally the project also failed.

It was then decided to work on a single individual: Abraham, who proposed the concept of a single God and the elimination of idols. From his line of succession, and with the help of extraterrestrials due to the constant cases of infertility, should come the person of Jesus, who through various reincarnations would have reached a very high spiritual level to the point that he no longer needed to return to earth.

But he would have done it out of love for humanity and would have prepared himself so that at the age of 30 years Michael, a Hellel, one of the creator fathers, would enter him to fulfill the great mission: to teach humanity to love, but not just any love, but in its most exalted form and that is limited to asking forgiveness for his executioners because they do not know what they are doing.

Towards a higher state of consciousness

That love would allow humanity to forgive, even after knowing that the elder brothers, high extraterrestrial civilizations and even some of the creator fathers attempted against their existence. And that would be the pinnacle of a redemption of humanity to the cosmos: to know the truth about its origin and the cosmos and not only forgive those who tried to destroy it and encourage racial hatred and death, but to thank them because only that vehement opposition has given it greater meaning and benefit and a learning and expansion of consciousness that even they themselves have not achieved.

According to the extraterrestrials, or better, according to what Sixto Paz indicates that the extraterrestrials teach, in time, humanity must gradually access this knowledge until the moment of the great decision arrives.

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