Winsted’s wild man

Winsted’s wild man

As far as the sensationalism takes us

It is common to think that today’s sensationalism is typical of this era where everyone wants fame to make money. The truth is that sensationalism has always been sought in order to attract the attention of the masses.

Since Roman times we find similar peculiarities. The gladiator show is nothing more than that, that people were shocked by a fierce fight between two men who only wanted to stand out even if it led to their own death. Ironic and at the same time absurd.

Over the centuries this did not change, it was only adapted and something similar ended up happening in the United States. But this story is no longer related to the death of the protagonist, but to the search for the attention of the entire town of Winsted, where panic led people to feel frightened by a possible external threat.

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Amazing history in a Connecticut town

The inhabitants of Winsted, Connecticut, woke up with terrible news reported in the newspapers: a strange man, hairy and who was naked, was walking through the streets of the city and terrorizing the inhabitants of him.

It seems as if we are talking about King Kong, or even that mysterious murderer in the Morgue street from a horror story. The idea that there was a being that was ending the peace of a place where nothing ever happened, led society to be in constant alarm and of course, it is not to be supposed that gossip became a habit for weeks.

The news was reported in August 1895, the journalists had a feast publishing several notes and looking for possible victims of that creature.

Winsted was invaded by several reporters who were attentive to any sign of the being and as the hours passed, they believed that perhaps what had happened had been an invention until they began to find the long-awaited witnesses, more than one confirmed the descriptions of said man, they also mentioned how aggressive he could become if one approached him and some even commented on having been the victim of fierce attacks.

The general description mentioned that the man had the appearance of a gorilla, with sharp fangs and with each testimony he seemed to grow a little more. The citizens themselves decided to organize themselves into gangs and hunt down the monster. What would be the surprise, when the being turned out to be a harmless donkey that had escaped from the farm where he lived and the poor little animal was injured by the weapons of the furious men.

Practically this yeti from the Himalayas, this strange and sensational being did not just take over the village newspapers. In New York the news came like a bucket of water for all the media and even possibly many people wanted to go visit Winsted to find the monster.

Finally, the truth was discovered and it turned out that a young local reporter invented the story, he came up with the idea because he needed to earn money quickly and what better than a supernatural creature prowling the streets, for his story he earned about 150 dollars of the time and with what happened he and his city gained a lot of fame, the young man spread the rumor and the love for sensationalism did the rest: several lied just to live together, despite never seeing the supernatural gorilla and more than one sold your own story to some medium to earn some money in the process.

The young man was known as Lou Stone and worked at the Winsted Evening Citizen, after that the young man became very famous but surely lost his job as a journalist.

The story never ends in Connecticut

Eight decades later the story continued. In July 1972 the Hartford Courant reported that a strange creature had been observed by two young men on Wilchester Road near Cristal Lake. Apparently the figure met all the similarities of the invented monster and also, when appearing in a lake, the “strange being” ended up hiding among the trees.

Again the commotion reached society and everyone felt like at the end of the 19th century, fear and sensationalism returned and the media gained a large audience. But in September of that same year, now it was two couples who saw the being. His features were more impressive.

According to what was reported, they measured more than three meters and were super hairy. The alert was taken to the police who watched the lake for a long time and then the investigator Brandon Bisceglia ended up determining that everything had been an invention equal to that of the last century.

That decade became very common for Americans to be fond of Bigfoot or “Bigfoot”, a primate of enormous size, then the editorial fabrication took advantage of that sensationalism to achieve fame.

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