Types of magic

Types of magic

According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, “magic” can be defined as that act, characterized by an action or word, which seeks through the use or invocation of supernatural beings to change the regular course of events or natural laws.. On this occasion we will present you the different types of magic, which experts in this type of occult arts identify.

White magic

It is the type of magic, which according to specialists, creates a special bond with the gods and benign deities. She is focused on seeking the healing and harmony of living beings and nature. At no time can it be used for personal benefit or to obtain something that responds only to the wishes of the magician who uses it. Likewise, white magic cannot be used against anyone, since its very nature prevents it from inflicting any kind of damage.

Black magic

Diametrically opposed to white magic, black magic exists with the sole purpose of causing harm to others, as well as to manipulate and transform circumstances only in favor of the person who casts the spell. It is a very dangerous type of magic, because although it can cause benefits in the short term, it is not exempt from the law of cause and effect, which according to the followers of this type of belief means that everything that comes out of us returns to us multiplied by three, so the magician who makes use of this type of magic is sooner or later exposed to pay for the evil he has caused.

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Red magic

Its name responds to the link that this type of magic has to the use of living tissues or blood, for the celebration of its rites or spells. It is strongly linked to black magic, and in fact there are those who claim that it derives from it. However, if the blood used is that of the magician, then the spell can be considered linked to white magic. In this type of ritual, those involved offer animal sacrifices, in order to achieve certain goals. An example of this type of magic can be Santería, which makes use of animal sacrifices within its rituals.

Green magic

It is the type of magic that is characterized by making use of herbs and flowers, hence its name green magic. It can be related to both white magic and black magic, depending on the purpose of the spell, because if it has been created with the aim of healing and providing peace, it will belong to white magic, while if it has been used only to generate some damage, then green magic has been used by black magic to achieve its goals.

Yellow or Gray Magic

It is the type of magic that makes use of rituals, focused on seeking greater luck and well-being in the person to whom the spell is directed. The ultimate goal of this magic is to achieve greater economic, labor or material benefits. Hence it receives the name yellow, in reference to the color of gold.

Elemental magic

It is the magic that makes use of the elements (earth, fire, air and water) that are found both within the individual and in nature, in order to focus energies towards the healing and harmonization of beings. Linked to white magic, it is used to heal and protect against spells from black or red magic, and even from green and yellow magic.

Divination Magic

According to experts in esotericism, this type of magic consists of the implementation of divinatory methods such as cartomancy, the reading of the snails, the crystal ball, the pendulum, the hand, among other tricks, used by the magician. in order to clarify the past, present or future of the consultant, in order to provide greater guidance in the decisions that he or she is about to make.

Jewelry Magic

In this branch of magic, magicians focus on the elaboration of diges, amulets, bracelets, rings, or other elements that the applicant or himself can carry as protection against other types of magic, especially black, that he can pursue. harm him or manipulate his true desires in order to gain benefit from him.

Projection Magic

It is a quite ancient type of magic. According to specialists, this branch of magic specializes in the power of precipitating matter from nothing. That is to say, to create matter and give it form, in order to materialize or make animals, people, objects or elements of nature appear. It is assumed that the magician who performs this type of spell is a very powerful magician. However, one must be careful, because almost always this type of power, according to esoteric scholars, is linked to black magic.

Body magic

This part or branch of magic is characterized by the cultivation of the magician’s bodily strength and endurance. They are usually trained in the art of enduring great amounts of pain. Some experts affirm that through discipline and power, this type of magician can have a skin as hard as a rock, as well as acquire great skills such as strength and speed. However, they have their limitations, since the effects of their power can only be transmitted to their bodies, and not to other objects.

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