What is the scary video 1444 of YouTube and why it has been removed

A terrifying video is atemorizando to the users of social networks in the last few days. This is called a 1444, a few images uploaded to YouTube that generated a multitude of comments, reactions, and memes on the internet, and, by the way, platform video has already been responsible for eliminating.In reality, and despite the fact that the current majority is of humor, its origin is quite disturbing. Are 26 seconds of a video that leaves a young man holding a gun and pointing against itself, with a tragic end, and with images that are too explicit. In a first moment, the video was in the Deep Web, but, according to point out media specialist, someone, no one knows who or when, is what you downloaded, and finished uploading to YouTube. In just a few hours it had already gone viral and thousands of users had seen. And other much, sought.In addition, around video has emerged of a current call creepypasta, which are horror stories collected and shared through the internet with the aim of scaring the usuario.Su name, 1444, is due to an idea, that of skip the algorithm of YouTube, according to FayerWayer. However, the platform I chased and took him away, even though it was 16 hours after being online.These are some of the memes that has been generated around the world:

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What is the scary video 1444 of YouTube and why it has been removed
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October 22, 2019

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