The world’s rarest Coca Cola flavors

The world’s best-selling soft drink, not only has an exclusive flavor, but has dozens of varieties and in each country, it is a different one. There are some that are quite rare in the face of the palates of many.

Intense flavours

For example, Cocacola Raspberry emerged in New Zealand, a dark soda drink flavored with blackberry and cola. But it was discontinued in a short time because people claimed it was very sweet.

The company’s strategies have been very effective and varied. They even got Cocacola Plus, supposedly with vitamins and minerals.

It was sold in the United States, Brazil and Japan. Obviously it was discontinued by thousands of demands, since this drink did not have the guarantees of being a medicine at all.

One of the flavors that most impacted was Cocacola Black Cherry, which replaced Cocacola Vainilla.

A mixture of coffee and cocacola, is Cocacola Blak. Citral Coke, only available in New Zealand, Bosnia and Japan. It is a mixture of various citrus flavors with glue and gas. Exactly orange, tangerine, lemon, lime, grapefruit and many other flavors. This Coke is not black, but phosphorous green.

But among the rarest in the flavors of this drink, is Cocacola Chorizo, which became popular in Spain thanks to consumer requests. Only 100,000 cans were made because in reality, the Company accepted that it was a joke for the day of the innocent.

And finally, we present the garlic-flavored Cocacola; who have tried it, claim that it is the best soft drink in the world and such as that it is in very exclusive places in Europe. Moreover, it is believed that to take one of these, you have to sign a secret contract that prohibits talking about the details of the drink.

The world’s rarest Coca Cola flavors
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July 27, 2019

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