Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning


Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Known as the Ten Cups, this card ranks number ten on the Cup club of Tarot’s minor arcane. On this occasion we will make a synthesis of its symbolic elements,as well as the general interpretations, made of it by the specialists in this divinatory method, apparently emerged in the light of the Middle Ages in Italy.

In this card we can see with our backs to a family, made up of a couple and two children, who according to their body language live a moment of full happiness. The children dance celebrating, while the embraced parents admire in the sky the ten full-fold cups in the firmament.

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According to symbology specialists, this card refers to the experience of the highest degree of love and happiness, but not alone, but shared, either with the couple or with the family. In short, the presence of this card is almost always interpreted by most tarotists as the time in life to achieve personal fulfillment through the energy of love.


Within a reading on a specific plane of existence, the appearance of the Ten Cups is taken as a fairly positive trait, as it always speaks of the arrival of good news, as well as a state of harmony.

If the person you are consulting supports a loving relationship, the appearance of this card may be announcing the growth of your relationship as well as a possible marriage.If, on the other hand, the consultation is directed towards more material planes such as money or work, the Ten Cups announces a moment of full realization, as well as cooperation and companionship.

Likewise,it can be interpreted as a good time to strengthen or start partnerships, sign contracts, receive loans, apply for financing, among other procedures that may be favored by the presence of this card, which is considered as one of the most positive of this deck, used for divination.

As for the health plane, the Ten Cups also announces good times, energy, recovery from some ailments, as well as excellent news, which can also refer to births or pregnancies.

In short, the presence of the Ten Cups right-shaped within a reading, is interpreted by most tarot experts as a good new, which comes announcing moments of full happiness, friendship, love, harmony, joy, abundance, blessings, satisfactions, as well as the consummation and establishment of lasting loving relationships, or the extent of understanding and harmony in the family.

If it appears inverted

On the other hand, it is important to note that like all Tarot cards, the Ten Cups does not escape having a meaning if it comes to present itself in reverse within a reading, in which case it would find itself stripped of all the positive sense co n the one that counts when it appears right.

Inverted, this card becomes the bearer of negative news that knocks on the door of the house where we live with our family. This may indicate family conflicts, little understanding between siblings or parents and children. It may also indicate indoor illnesses or conflicts between husbands.

In other areas of existence, such as economic, the presence of the Ten Cups invested may be pointing out that the consultant has work to settle for what he earns with his effort, depending more and more or increasingly wanting things, without never achieve real satisfaction.

Likewise, in the workplace, the appearance of this card in reverse may be pointing out that the consultant may be exposed to situations of lack of companionship and friendship within his field of work. In terms of health, the Ten Cups inverted can signal the arrival of bad news, as well as the inability to find the right help or to have support in the midst of physical adversity.

Generally speaking, most experts in this divinatory method have agreed that the appearance of the Ten Cups invested also refers to the inability of the consultant to be happy with what is available. Likewise, some tarotists indicate that this card in this position may be indicating that the consultant is not able to take advantage of the opportunities presented to him.

In combination with other cards

Likewise, like the rest of the tarot cards, the Ten Cups also takes on different meanings depending on the cards with which they are accompanied. For example, if within a reading it comes to appear together with the King of Wands, it would be announcing a marriage, but it is done for convenience.

In the company of seven out of the blocks, the Ten Cups may refer to slander raised against the consultant. Likewise, if it appears inverted it also has different senses according to the card with which it is accompanied, for example next to the The Moon Card may indicate the acquisition of diseases infectious, even of sexual origin.

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