The world’s most flexible woman

The Guinness Records book has given the title to Julia Gunthel, a 31-year-old woman born in Kazakhstan, as the most flexible woman in the world. This young woman from a very young age, showed her body skills and thanks to them, from an early age she excels as a professional contortionist.

The world’s most flexible woman

Professional contortionist

Contortionism is a discipline that consists in the practice of certain physical exercises, performed by people who possess or have developed great elasticity and flexibility,in all muscles of the body.

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This discipline is quite a feat for most people, because it involvesa lot of elasticity and currently, this skill is not very developed because most people lead a sedentary life and their muscles are becoming more rigid.

Contortionism is a rather eye-catching and visually-friendly practice, quite a spectacle, since people who specialize in it can bend the joints in the opposite direction,and can completely bend their limbs.

This young woman became very famous after the major television channel, Discovery Channel, made known her througha documentary showing scientific evidence of her “abnormal” condition and, according to the scientists, she possesses “flexible ligaments” a baby’s”.

In show business it is known as Zlata but people repeatedly call it the rubber woman and thanks to her body skills she has been the protagonist of quite a few photo shoots. She has also been the cover of several magazines and has her own calendar, where with 12 amazing images, she exposes her strange flexibility. His condition does not yet have a medical cause, as from an early age he presented great skill with his body and did not cause damage to his physical and mental development.

According to her, the act she likes to do the most is to bend backwards, at a perfect angle of 90 degrees and enter a box of only 50 centimeters.

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