The True Story of Homer Simpson

Curiosities - July 20, 2019

One of the most acclaimed cartoon series is The Simpsons, the story chronicling the life of an average American family, and in which Homer is its main character. In this article we will see a brief history of Homer, some of his curiosities, facts and things you didn’t know.

The drunk man in blue pants

The first design that was elaborated by Homer Simpson, was that of a fat guy, bald, with bulging and round eyes, totally obsessed with the idea of ​​making an evacuation due to a nuclear hecatomb, because this program emerged during the Cold War.

With Homer J. Simpson, a creation by Matt Groening,it was intended to impersonate the average American who has become popular since the 1980s, as an obese, beer addict and tv slave, atheist and materialistic percent and has been achieved become the idol of many crowds.

Homer grew up with his parents on a farm and met his wife Marge, in a camp in the mid-1960s. She had three children with her, a boy, Bart, and two women: Lisa and Maggie. The weight of homer Simpson exceeds 100 kilos and on one occasion, he weighed 136 kilograms.

He has only one kidney, because he donated the other to his father in a forced manner.He suffers from severe brain damage so he can’t concentrate and has suffered several head injuries that have left him virtually, becoming an idiot. An idiot, who for years, has amused thousands of viewers in the world.

But of course, these are just a few, very few, curiosities of the hundreds that exist, not to mention the myths and stories that have been woven around this father of a family who, although not always the ideal of a father, has captivated millions of people in the world, receiving both ovatous and tomatoes, of course, more ovations than tomatoes.