The Tarot hermit´s Card Meaning: Kabbalah

Curiosities - August 23, 2019

Known as the hermit’s card, this deck occupies in correlative order the number eight spot of the Tarot’s eldest arcanes. On this occasion we will point out the more general features of its symbolic aspect, as well as a synthesis of the interpretations that experts in cartomancia make of it when it appears within a reading or consultation.

Image 1. The Tarot hermit´s Card Meaning: Kabbalah

A positive message

In the hermit’s card we can almost see almost in profile an elderly man who walks to the left. Cloth of mantle carries in his hand a lamp that illuminates his way with a dim yellow light that for some tarotists represents divine knowledge, while with the other he holds a cane of seven knots (such as the days that God needed to create the world) that supports him.

A significant fact underlined by several symbology specialists is the particular characteristic that this character isn´t seen feet, so it is interpreted that his path or his journey is done on a spiritual level.

Similarly, most experts in this divinatory method apparently emerged in Italy during the 15th century indicate that the hermit’s card symbolizes our spiritual guide, as well as our hermit side, which seeks study, learning.It may also be pointing to a feeling of loneliness, the need for reflection, study or reflection.


Likewise each of the occult currents give it a specific meaning. For example, for the Cabalistics the card of The Hermit is associated with the Hebrew letter Teth, as well as with the planet of the Moon. For its part, Esotericism prefers to associate it with the leo sign, the season of Autumn and the element Earth.

For the numerology this chart, which occupies the number nine of the major arcanes, represents the culmination of times and numbers, to include within it nine numbers capable of making ten possible combinations, which together always give nine, so it is also considered the number of knowledge of the universe, of spiritual enlightenment.

Within a reading, according to the concept of the tarotists, this card points towards a balance between the spiritual and the earthly, both materially, spiritually and emotionally. However, it must also be analyzed in the light of the accompanying cards within a reading, which are the ones that will tell the cartoon about the positive or negative trend of this card, as well as the plane to which it may be referring.

However, almost always the appearance of the hermit card represent positive messages, more when the consultant is interested in subjects of study or intellectual processes. For other aspects of life, on the contrary,the appearance of this card may be telling the consultant the need to be more patient and thoughtful about their decisions and actions.Likewise, he may be indicating as a general situation that the consultant has no one to guide himself, but only with himself, his inner being and his spiritual knowledge.

In case the consultant is interested in identifying a person, the appearance of the card of The Hermit may be pointing to an older person, who has decided to live voluntarily in solitude. He may also be telling us about an intellectual or a scholar.

Although depending on the cards she is surrounded by, she can also point to an ambitious individual who has decided to go her way in solitude, in order to earn for himself what she aspires to.

Similarly, the card of The Hermit has a specific meaning depending on the area of life being consulted. For example, if the consultant is interested in knowing about his health, the appearance of this letter almost always indicates that the person should go to the doctor, to have a complete check-up. It may also indicate that care should be increased over the elderly in the family.

At the work level this card speaks of a good time to study and try to strengthen your knowledge. This card would also be telling the consultant that it isn´t time to change the job, as well as to attend interviews or apply for promotions. However, this card is a good sign for the economic level, as it would be pointing to a moment of economic stability, where there will be no big expenses, but no big gains.

On the other hand, if the consultant is interested in his love plane, the card from The Hermit may indicate the person’s need or desire to remain in solitude. If, on the contrary, it is a person with a partner, the appearance of this card may be indicating the person’s desire to break up with his or her partner to be alone for a while.

If it appears inverted

Like all Tarot cards, The Hermit also has a specific meaning if it appears inverted within a reading. In this case, on the love plane it can indicate love breakups for lack of communication and isolation from those involved. For his part, he may be pointing out trouble finding a partner.

If the consultation is about the work plane, the appearance of The inverted Hermit could be telling the consultant that it is time to concentrate, as it goes through a moment of mental dispersion. Economically, it is advisable to remain calm and not to undertake any kind of movements such as investments or loans, on the contrary if you have the resources it is best to pay those debts that we have.

As for health, the inverted Hermit card may indicate the need to attend to our daily habits a little more. You may also notice some memory problems or difficulty maintaining concentration.

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