Signs of eating too much sugar

Signs of eating too much sugar

One of the most dangerous drugs in existence, beyond all those explicitly qualified as such, is sugar: the one that disguises itself as a harmless and satisfying pleasure, but quickly kills your health and your life, according to all studies. But how do you know if you are eating too much sugar? Let’s look at some very important signs:

Weight gain

Almost always, people blame fats or other factors for causing overweight, but the direct responsible is sugar most of the time, according to specialists. A reduced glycemic level of food results in a readjustment of the body to its normal, healthy, slim build, as well as a noticeable decrease in acne and other problems.

Sugar itself is a substance that has been shown to be very harmful to the body. Dr. Ramon de Cangas, a renowned nutritionist from Spain, literally describes it like this:

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“Sugar provides only empty kilocalories and has a low satiating power, therefore a diet rich in sugars will end up being a diet rich in energy and of poor quality. Numerous studies link excess sugar as a very important risk factor for overweight and obesity”.

Frequent headaches

They appear without any reason and with a migraine-like pain. Specialists even point out that this is a clear sign that hypoglycemia may be developing, since blood glucose levels in these conditions of excessive sugar intake usually rise to significant peaks and then drop radically, causing the disease and the headache.

Increased tooth decay

The damage that sugar generates in the mouth is impressive. Specialists indicate that:

“These bacteria use sugar as a substrate and acid is produced that damages the enamel of the teeth (by reducing the PH), causing a small hole that can progressively enlarge and originate a cavity. Therefore, consuming sugar does increase the risk of tooth decay and the more sugar consumed, the more acid is produced.

Triggers hormonal imbalances

In fact, sugar is accused of being one of the main causes of stress, especially in the female population, since it destabilizes the hormonal system, especially in women who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome. Both stress and indiscriminate sugar intake are responsible for several related diseases.

Weakness, lack of concentration and bad mood

Thinking clearly while consuming high doses of sugar daily is an almost impossible task, explain doctors from different latitudes. It is as if a mental fog is created that hinders clear thinking and staying active. Contrary to what has always been believed, that consuming something with sugar provides energy, it is a lie; on the contrary, it produces both physical and mental weakness. It slows down the body and the brain. It causes the consumer to feel weak, tired and in a very bad mood.

Acne overflows

The appearance of pimples is unavoidable after the ingestion of this white poison. When the consumption of candy is exceeded, acne appears and in a curious way, several dermatologists kill their heads looking for the cause of this problem in the skin, but they do not think of looking at the direct promoter of the evil.

An exaggerated addiction is felt

At the level of the most potent narcotics that are so often mentioned in society, it is sugar, only it is legal. From a very young age, an almost imperceptible addiction to sweets develops, but when eaten in excess, the body feels as if it needs more and more each time, and an eating and genetic disorder of great proportions is generated.

The brain has been studied through high-tech devices and it has been corroborated that when sugar is consumed, several brain areas are terribly affected.

Loss of the sense of taste

Taste buds are severely affected by excessive sugar consumption, gradually losing their sensitivity. Over time, food flavors are hardly perceived and distinguished as before.

Frequent infections

These are a clear sign of over-consumption of sugar. Women, for example, increase the risk of contracting genital infections by a high percentage. One of the bacteria that causes most illnesses is candida, which is a yeast and, therefore, feeds on sugar.

The addiction generated by this substance can be greater than several of the strongest narcotics. The biggest problem lies in the fact that from a very young age, individuals are accustomed to eating very high doses of sugar and obviously, the harmful effects are not long in coming, which is why there is a considerable increase in obesity, diabetes and other diseases already described.

It has been discovered with certainty that glucose is the cause of various cardiovascular diseases and not fats, as had always been misinformed. Several studies are showing that even the natural sweetness contained in fruits is harmful to humans. In general, glucose is converted into body fat that accumulates.

Living a healthy lifestyle means giving up sweets, sweet and sugary foods and foodstuffs.

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