The enigmatic door that no one can open: Padmanabhaswamy

The enigmatic door that no one can open: Padmanabhaswamy

India, a country of unfathomable mysteries, where spirituality is the predominant culture and where many of its Hindu knowledge and millenary temples have been preserved to this day. In one of these imposing masterpieces of architecture, called the temple of Padmanabhaswamy, we find the enigmatic door that no one can open. Let’s see:

A mysterious temple

It all began in the year 2014, when the official authorities of India, determined that they should raid nothing more and nothing less than one of the most sacred temples of the nation. But although they were opposed, both the royal family that holds the title of that architectural treasure of the temple of Padmanabhaswamy, located in Kerala, as well as several religions and various gurus, anyway the search of the temple was carried out and found a large number of mysteries unsolved to date.

One of these enigmas is a hidden door, with amazing engravings, but that not even the best technological machines have been able to open. What is behind it? They were able to search all except the last door at the end of the sanctuary.

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It is not known for sure, since when this temple was created and all its original details. What is known is that it was built in honor of the god Padmanabhaswamy and the Sacred Serpent Anantha, which is prominently featured in the mysterious door.

Seven vaults are found here, of which the Supreme Court of India was able to raid six. In them were found impressive treasures and objects of the highest value such as precious stones and metals, crowns, jewels of exuberant luxury and much more. According to the calculations made by archaeologists, these treasures would be worth about 22 billion dollars. However, for years of persistence, the seventh door has not been opened.

The legend warns of serious curses for those who violate the temple

But there is also a clear warning about everything, never to attempt to open the seventh gate of the Padmanabhaswamy. Nevertheless, various efforts have been made to pass through it. Scientists who have analyzed it claim that it is made of steel, with a prominent but unknown thickness. There is no visible device or button that activates a gear system to open it, as the other 6 vaults have.

There is not only a large snake, but two large royal cobras as guardians at the door. Some local myths believe that this means that there is a curse on anyone who attempts to defile its interior. In addition, the snakes represent a very important symbol in the spiritual cultures of the East, signifying the Kundalini energy that coils through the 33 vertebrae of the spine of those initiated into these mysteries.

Experts have come to the conclusion that this door cannot be opened by any method, but requires a technology that is not officially known and therefore, there is nothing and no one on the planet capable of opening it, or at least that is known. According to the legends of all the parishioners who come to the temple, only a sacred individual of high spiritual hierarchy, such as the ancient Yogis, Gurus, Siddharpushas or Rishis, who know the science of powerful and magical mantras.

It is worth mentioning another of the great warnings made by the sages who guard the enclosure and who felt violated by the government, having sullied their sacred sanctuary. This one says that if the door is opened by some profane method such as with some kind of technology, then an unprecedented catastrophe would be unleashed on Earth and first of all, a great misfortune for whoever dares to do so.

There are those who dare to assert that behind that door hides nothing more and nothing less than the great treasure of humanity. In the engravings of the same, it is possible to read that its construction most probably dates back to 3102 BC. Inside the allandas vaults, there were some golden statues of Vishnu, a main deity of Hindu mythology, each one valued at more than 30 million dollars.

Inside, all the walls are believed to be thick and made of solid gold. A book written in 1933, by Emily Gilchriest Hatch, highlights the stories of individuals who dared to try to open the sacred door and the results were like a horror movie: in the end, they ran for their lives, because out of nowhere, the site became infested with terrible cobras. Other similar stories are told in this book.

Undoubtedly, this is a magical and mysterious place, as well as a phenomenon inexplicable to official science, but unexplainable to the occult sciences of antiquity. What were the beings who built and adapted this enigmatic gate like? People who knew unfathomable secrets, both of light and darkness. People who knew of other dimensions.

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