Airtable Cost vs Monday Cost: Latest Prices and Features

Airtable Cost vs Monday Cost: Latest Prices and Features

Airtable is a cloud-based software for the customization of workflows and performing collaborative tasks. Monday is an application development software that provides project management tools.

The Airtable software was introduced in 2012 and has become a competitive tool for the management of projects through automated workflows and collaborative tools. Meanwhile, Monday is a cloud-based system that was also created in 2012 and has been running efficiently since. The following is the Airtable cost vs Monday cost with an updated feature list and their demo options.

Airtable Cost


The free Airtable plan is suitable for small teams but also for individuals who want to learn more about Airtable and its functions. This plan can be utilized to create unlimited bases while supporting up to 5 users. It can further be used to invite unlimited commentators on documents for enhanced communication with clients or resources.

The users who opt for this plan will receive 2GB of file storage space for attachments too. Different visual apps such as gird, calendar, Kanban, and gallery are also available to users. Application development is supported by the interface designer that equips users with the ability to make necessary changes with the drag-and-drop feature.


The second plan is valued at $10 and it contains all of the features that are presented by the free pricing plan. It can further be used to maintain up to 5,000 records, 3 sync integrations, and maintain 3 apps. The data storage increases by 5GB for Plus plan users. Furthermore, custom branded forms can be created to maintain a better CRM overall. 6 months of run history can be recorded too.


The Airtable pricing of the pro plan is about $20 and it is one of the most popular plans as it provides high-end solutions for management. On average, it can be used to create 10 apps per base and can also be used to manage 7 sync integrations including the Jira tool. Moreover, the records per base are increased by 50,000 and 20GB of data storage is provided to users.

When it comes to visual management, tools such as Timeline and Gantt are integrated within this option. You can also keep personal and locked views so that only the relevant information is shared with the teams.

In addition, managers can also maintain the field and table editing permissions thus safeguarding sensitive information. Users who opt for the pro pricing plan will also be able to get early access to the latest updates.


This final plan is designed to accommodate large-scale organization requirements. It supports the creation of unlimited workspaces and unlimited apps too. Furthermore, it cultivates premium sync integrations with Jira and Salesforce. In fact, it can be used to maintain up to 250,000 records per base. When it comes to storage space, users will have access to 100GB of file storage.

You can even use it to manage an enterprise-wide admin panel, SAML-based single sign-on, and an ongoing success program. Other additional benefits of an enterprise plan include a 3-year revision history, enhanced deletion recovery, base build services, and several others.

However, the pricing of the enterprise plan is not provided on the website. If you think it is a suitable option for your business, you can contact the Airtable sales team to generate a private quote for you.

Airtable Demo

The Airtable demo is provided in the form of a webinar and it is a great way of learning about its features including the interface designer feature. Cost


The free plan on Monday software has many benefits for its users. For instance, it can be used to import data through Excel sheets so you can manage all information in a centralized platform. The collaborative work docs on Monday can play an essential role in creating a space for brainstorming. Users can even manage their projects, tasks, and subtasks.

Some other benefits include the option to create 20+ columns, access 500MB of storage, and have whiteboard collaboration too. For enhanced productivity, users can easily access mobile apps through iOS or Android devices so they can work on the go. The shareable forms can help users to communicate feedback and updates with each other.


The basic plan costs $9 and it can be used to access a simple project overview and also provide free view access. Users can generate project requests and also maintain centralized project communication and overcome collaboration gaps. The total file storage available to users of this plan is 5GB. Furthermore, the Kanban view can make it easier to keep up with agile projects.


The standard is listed as the most popular Monday pricing plan. The cost is about $12 and it is equipped with many different management tools. For instance, Milestones that you can use to set checkpoints and track the progress of different assignments. It can further be used to create project automation to automatically send approvals or reminders.

A task rollup is generated in the form of subitems where details can be accessed easily. If you keep a calendar, you can integrate it with your Monday software to check for any upcoming events.


The fourth plan costs $20 and it can be used for goal tracking, dependencies, resource allocation, and effort management. Users can create private boards and docs, access Google authentication, and support board administrators too. The Monday software pro plan also provides a Map and Chart view for more management options.


The pricing of the enterprise option is not available on the website but it can be requested. This plan is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to use the entire range of functions available on the Monday software including enterprise-grade automation and integrations, higher level of security, and admin control over projects as well.

Monday Demo

The Monday software has a resourceful blog that acts as a guide for users who are just getting started with the software. However, the blog integrates short videos that serve as Monday software demos with a comprehensive summary of different features.

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