Things you didn’t know about Brad Pitt

Things you didn’t know about Brad Pitt

One of the most recognized actors of the Seventh Art throughout the millennium and more, is Brad Pitt, a celebrity who has given much to talk about in every way. Much is said about his love affairs and his failed marriage to Angelina Jolie, but this time we bring details that you probably did not know about Brad Pitt. Let’s see:

He confessed why he was unfaithful to Jennifer Aniston

In mid-2020, Pitt confessed that he does not regret being unfaithful to Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie. He pointedly told a news outlet:

“I am satisfied with making real decisions and finding the woman I love, Angie, and starting a family that I love so much. A family is a risky adventure, because the greater the love, the greater the loss. That’s the business, all right. But I’ll take it all.”

Plant destroyer

The paparazzi are usually always on the trail of celebrities and it was so that several of them were surprised to notice that the actor tends to let the plants inside his residences or offices die dry, because for his life and agenda shaken, she goes on tour and doesn’t come back for a long time. On a certain occasion he let two beautiful specimens that decorated his office die, because he left them locked up without anyone watering them for 10 months that it took him to return.

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He confessed his problem with liquor and other substances

Brad also turned out to confess in 2019, that for many years he was plunged into his excessive taste for getting drunk and for smoking that plant whose smell is scandalous. Due to the same, his marriage with Angelina also ended. He promptly stated:

“There were times when I looked at pictures of myself from years ago and said, ‘That man looks good.’ But I didn’t really feel that good inside. I spent most of the nineties hiding out and smoking weed.”

Brad Pitt thinks that money does not buy happiness

One of the last films in which he has participated is in War Machine, whose plot is inspired by the work entitled “The Operators”. It is about a military scenario in which a journalist dares to confront nothing more and nothing less than several high-ranking officers, committing all kinds of recklessness. The ideological and political blow was thanks to the actions of an outstanding general, whose role is played by Brad.

In this regard, he has responded in some interviews:

“It’s a satire about the leaders who end up sending our young people to war. It’s about the absurdity of the process, the machinery, the self-interest that’s involved…and it’s insanely funny, until it’s not.”

He claims to have witnessed a great paradox of life and that is that throughout his career he has had to meet very wealthy people with many possibilities, but without any real reason to be happy. However, he has also seen that quite a few people that he has had or who face very adverse and painful circumstances, are the people who seem to be the happiest.

“I’ve been to places in third world countries where the people who have suffered the most are, but those people always seem to have the loudest laugh,” he says.

Brad is well aware of the opinion of the masses about the opinions of celebrities

Brad has stated in various interviews that he is a normal guy, unlike what people think. Although he can not be so normal to enjoy such tremendous fame, that a Google search for his name, offers almost 50 million results.

He claimed not to have cried in more than 20 years

He further states that in the entire millennium he had not cried until now, 2020, when he says he feels somewhat older and more sensitive. According to him, everything moves him, both his children, the situation in the world, his friends and other things. But he is surprised, because he had never experienced such emotional weakness, but on the contrary.

He suffers from prosopagnosia

It is a disease classified as chronic that makes it too difficult for him to recognize the faces of others, a factor that has hindered his world of relationships. The actor expresses that every time he meets someone, he gives him the feeling that he is seeing them for the first time.

Without a doubt, he is one of the most coveted actors and considered one of the most handsome of recent times. But like all human beings, he has mistakes and flaws. However, viewers tend to idealize the stars of entertainment too much, estimating them as examples of perfection, not only on a physical level, but reality is far from the facts.

It even seems that celebrities have more flaws than normal people. According to science, Brad Pitt has one of the most perfect male faces.

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