Celebrities who are not interested in luxury or prestige

The luxury, the pleasure in all their presentations, the applause and the euphoria of the people when noticing the presence of a celebrity, are elements of the daily life of a star of the world show and in fact, that is why they have even had to sell his soul in exchange for it. However, there are a few celebrities who are not interested in luxury or prestige. Let’s see who they are:


This girl was born into a family of limited resources and among several brothers. The setbacks in her life played a good trick on her and she ended up jumping to stardom in a short time, but she has never lost that essence of humility and simple person. She loves to share with her fans, so she spends long hours, connected chatting and loves to cook, watch a lot of television and feels great when she adopts the role of an ordinary person, who takes public transport without much inconvenience. This he does frequently.

Anne Hathaway

A truly fascinating woman, especially because of her coquettish and seductive smile. When Anne refers to herself, she affirms that she is a very simple woman inside, because she comes from a middle-class family in New Jersey and that no matter what happens, she will always be the same. Anne is one of the few celebrities who does not flaunt her huge millions of dollars, but seems to suffice for very little. It’s like her pride and all the sickness of her fame, she hadn’t rubbed off on him.

Drew Barrymore

From a very young age, Barrymore managed to reach the most select part of Hollywood and being so inexperienced in life, she let that tsunami of emotions that comes with being world famous and desired by all rise to her head. But it is true that life can turn 180 degrees and that happened to Barrymore, but not because he had lost everything, but because he preferred to give up his way of perceiving the world and the disease of stardom. He is someone completely different now, even though his popularity has even increased. He is no longer ostentatious, but simple in everyday photographs, without makeup and even moving on the subway.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota is an internationally famous woman, but every time a paparazzi wants to catch her out of the wave, the most they get from her is to see her moving on the subway like any ordinary person. She, unlike the fact that since she was a child she reached the heights of fame, the same thing that happened to most of her did not happen to her, so she has never been seen using drugs, or drinking liquor; on the contrary, she always put herself in her place and very sane, but humble and simple.

Michael douglas

Michael is a subject that is characterized by being too modest. Every time he gets a chance to talk about himself, he sidetracks with some joke that demeans his personal importance. He himself affirms that he is not interested in any kind of luxury and whenever he has the opportunity, he accompanies her daughter to school taking her on the subway, where they obviously recognize him and ask for several autographs, but they do not stop looking good. surprised.

Katie Holmes

If there is someone who has been photographed thousands of times on a subway, it is Katie Holmes. She is almost always seen at the stations in the company of her daughter and sometimes by herself. She is one of the most humble actresses in New York and, peculiarly, she has always been inclined to get around in a subway, rather than in a luxurious vehicle, and even if she could do it in the most spectacular automobiles.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer also emerged from the floor. She was not born in a golden cradle, like many other Hollywood celebrities. She was born into a low-income family in an area of ​​the Bronx, a high-risk sector. But her behaviors in public show that she has hardly ever gone to her head and she has not forgotten where she came from. J. Ella Lo says that she leads a life full of exercise and good habits, that she gave up liquor and that she spends her free time working for children in hospitals, as well as advising on legal matters.

Paul Wesley

Paul was catapulted to the top of stardom thanks to the film “The Vampire Diaries”. But in reality it is nothing like the personality of his character, which is rude and manly. He loves to play hockey as well as snowboard, spend time with his family and friends, play guitar and go for walks. However, he seems not to live like a great millionaire like he is, but like an ordinary person using public transport and has also been photographed many times sitting in any cafeteria, like any neighbor’s son, without escorts, without fans. crazy surrounding him with a team of journalists, cars and stunning girls, none of that. The only humility.

Zooey Deschanel

She considers herself as an old-fashioned woman. She does not like to dress exuberantly, but simply. She is a lover of vintage clothes, old songs and old movies. Ella zooey claims that she is almost uninterested in people’s opinions and that she is not bothered by the trends of the moment. She does not invest a single penny in clothing from big brands or items with very high prices, because that qualifies as absurd behavior. On the contrary, she states that she invests a large part of her fortune in charities and real estate investments.

Celebrities who are not interested in luxury or prestige
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