How Many Shotgun Shells in a Case

How Many Shotgun Shells in a Case

You will certainly need shotgun shells whether you are a regular hunter or just go for the thrill once in a while. There are so many things to know to ensure that you have the right shotgun ammo. The budget should never be the only consideration. For example, it is very important that you are clear about what your needs are, no matter what the caliber. It will be good to get informed on how the ammo is sold.

How Many Shotgun Shells in a Case

How many shotgun shells in a case? No matter what the type of ammunition, there will usually be 50 rounds in a box for small calibers and 20 rounds for the larger ones. For the cases, there are usually between 20 and 25 boxes. This is what you will get whether you get the ammo at your local store or online at the ammunition club.

However, there can be exceptions. For instance, in the .22LR, you will find 100 boxes for each case and for the, .762 there are 50 boxes for each case. Bricks are usually always groups of 10 boxes. Of course, how many ammunition rounds there will be in your box will vary, depending on the caliber. Here’s a list of the common ammo types and the number of shotgun shells in each box and case.

How Many Boxes of Shotgun Shell Are In a Case?

  • .22LR – 50 rounds for each box, in a case – 100 boxes
  • 9mm – 50 rounds for each box, in a case – 20 boxes
  • 5.56 – 20 rounds for each box, in a case – 25 boxes
  • .308 – 20 rounds for each box, in a case – 25 boxes
  • .223 – 20 rounds for each box, in a case – 25 boxes
  • 12 ga – 25 rounds for each box, in a case – 20 boxes
  • .762 – 20 rounds for each box, in a case – 50 boxes

If you are thinking of getting ammunition for a 9 mm, you are likely to get it packaged in a box containing 50 rounds. This is an extremely popular caliber. Many manufacturers have their own brands of 9 mm cartridges. However, they have all agreed to have 50 rounds in a box. It has become an industry standard now.

Larger ammunition units, like your 12-gauge shotgun shell, usually come in boxes of 20. However, you will also find them in boxes containing 25, and sometimes even in packs of 40. Larger ones, such as the .30-06, normally contain anything between 20 and 50.

One relevant question here is… do you need more than just a box? If you need a larger quantity, you must stop thinking of boxes. Instead, consider flats, cases, and bricks.

Ammo Type

The type of ammo for firearms and the caliber will always be different, depending on what you want to use, and more importantly, your need.

For the shotgun, cartridges filled with the shot are very common. The shots are small balls that are made of different types of metals. This can be steel, lead, tin, zinc, or bismuth.


The metals will all behave differently. For example, there are some properties in lead that make it very effective for game shooting. It is heavier and can maintain its explosive power well. Lead is also somewhat soft, which is why it will change shape when it leaves your barrel. Steel pellets, on the other hand, can maintain a round shape during flight as they don’t deform. Thus, you can wound the animal without killing it.

Tips about the Right Choices for Your Ammo

Ensure that you have the right ammunition for your need. Here’s a guide to help you choose –

  • The shells must match your shotgun’s gauge size – You will find shotguns in different gauges. The ammo must match the gauge. For instance, for a 12 gauge shotgun, you need 12 gauge ammunition. 20 gauge shells will go into a 12 gauge gun. They will slide halfway down into your barrel and will stick when you fire, which can be dangerous.
  • The shell’s length – There will be more shots per shell, more powder, and a larger slug in longer shells. Shotgun chambers usually are 2 3/4 inches. Some of them have a 3-inch chamber. 12 gauge shells are common. There are cases in three shell lengths – 3-inch magnum shells, 2 ¾-inch regular shells, and 3 ½-inch super-magnum shells. Of course, you must ensure that the chamber is longer than the shells you choose.
  • Shot number – You will see the shot number printed on the box. This refers to the individual pellet sizes of the shells. If the shot numbers are larger, then it means smaller pellets.

Storing the Ammunition

Focus on storage if you are not planning to use all the shells in a single session. You can simply leave the ammunition in your case, box, or brick. You will find many types of cases that can hold various quantities and sizes of cartridges. There are also cases with a locking lid. You will find these cases a good option for transportation. Trays, on the other hand, can spill. If you have a shotgun, you will certainly need shells for shooting. A box can be sufficient for most people. However, if you have a lot of plans with your gun, then you will need more because a box can hold a max of 50 rounds. You will get your ammo if you look at the right places. You won’t then have to worry about how many rounds in a case of shotgun shells.

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