Jeff Bezos: Villafrechós (Valladolid) to found Amazon and be the richest in the world


  • The paternal family adopted the american tycoon, who has his last name, comes from a locality pucelana of 500 inhabitants.
  • All years sent to the founder of Amazon the program of the parties and has even been invited to give the opening speech.
  • “Those who knew their grandfather as they all have been killed,” says the mayor.

Jeff Bezos: Villafrechós (Valladolid) to found Amazon and be the richest in the world

the people of Villafrechós (Valladolid), “not bothered” that the paternal family of the richest in the world is of the people, but everyone knows exactly who is Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, who just unseat in wealth to Bill Gates with a fortune of 92.600 million dollars.

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For the charter, the city Council of Villafrechós has offered to Jeff Bezos“land” if you want to put a company “or something”, in addition to a home if you want to “spend the holiday” in the village, explains the mayor of the town, Miguel Gomez.

From this town of Tierra de Campos, located 50 km from Valladolid and with about 500 neighbors, every year sent to the founder of Amazon the program of the parties and has even been invited to give the opening speech, but, “Bezos has not answered,” says the mayor, who did not lose hope that one day you “invest” in the town.

The Spanish origins of Jeff Bezos go back to his paternal grandfather Salvador Bezos, born in Villafrechós and belonging to a family that emigrated to Cuba in the first half of the TWENTIETH century, where he married and had to Miguel Angel Bezos, foster father of the founder of Amazon, who was born 12 January 1964 in Albuquerque (New Mexico, EE UU)

.His mother, Jacklyn Gise, who had to Jeff Bezos with 17 years, is married with Miguel Angel Bezos, who adopted the child and gave him her surname, explained José Cubero, a writer and researcher, who has studiedthe family tree of five but has successfully maintaineds of the paternal family of the founder of Amazon.

In the village everyone knows who Jeff Bezos to root in 2011 out to visit him by surprise with his family. the “Wine with six or seven bodyguards and the people did not know who he was, but then with the time we were learning,” explains the mayor, that reminds of that view, that there were “very polite”.

Two years later, in 2013, the parents of the founder of Amazon to have returned to Valladolid, as Miguel Angel Bezos received the Grand Cross of Alfonso X The Wise as president of the Bezos Family Foundation for their contribution to the quality of education, and “since then there has been nothing” of them, says the mayor, who says that when going to other municipalities to remind you that it is “of the people of the richest in the world.”

In the town there are no people who relate to Jeff Bezos, and family “very direct” do not have. the “who knew his grandfather already killed all”, ” says the mayor.

Family with purchasing power

The family Bezos came to 1700 with a certain purchasing power to Villafrechós. His heritage was descending until they decided tomigrate to Cuba on two occasions, the second in 1925, explains José Cubero.

“I believe that the people of the village would like to that Jeff Bezos reproduced what Bienvenido Mister Marsall —in allusion to the film by Luis García Berlanga—, but no one has proposed, for example, that one of the houses in which he lived, bythe last time his grandfather to be restored and something should be done”, says this researcher.

José Cubero believes that the founder of Amazon visited Villafrechós to know their roots, butnot appealed to them and has not come back.”

On this matter Jeff Bezos is not pronounced, as they explain from the company communication Tinkleafter consulting with Seattle, where it has headquarters Amazon.

One of the Bezos of the people is Herminio, whose wife, Gregoria argues that her husband isrelative “live” the founder of Amazon.

“The father of that boy and my husband’s grandfather they were double cousins, although when it came to the people not told us anything,” says this woman, who would love to have contact with them.

on the other hand, Eva, who now lives in Valladolid, maintains a posture very different. Ensures thatis relative, “far-away” the richest man in the world, though he has not had any relationship with him and have not been “bothered” in it, he says.


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