How to Secretly Know Who My Child is Texting With on their Phone

Check out how to secretly know who your child is texting with on their phone using FoneMonitor. It’s a reliable and convenient app with a vast user base. No jailbreak or root whatsoever.

Today, guardians face a troublesome test keeping in contact with their children and understanding what’s going on in their life. Besides, kids don’t tell their folks everything, and if yours does, you should be fortunate. 

How to Secretly Know Who My Child is Texting With on their Phone

Current statistics show that kids and youngsters favor messaging for one-on-one engagement. More than 91% of adolescents are effectively messaging each day. Therefore, texting platforms like iMessage, Snapchat, and WhatsApp are growing, given their convenience and desirable features.

Yet, ill-conceived notions and awful aims are handily shared through these applications and can negatively impact your kid. That’s why it’s essential to find out who your child is messaging.

Part 1: How to Secretly Monitor your Kid’s Phone to See Who is Texting

Imagine if you could get to all the messages and talks your kids are trading with their companions without touching their gadgets. Wouldn’t that give you some significant serenity? Every parenting is different, and if you choose to be discreet, we got you covered. 

There’re numerous text message monitoring apps for following your child’s conversations. This guide will describe the best way to utilize FoneMonitor SMS Tracker to know whom your kid is texting.

FoneMonitor – One-way Ticket to Read Your Child’s Phone Messages

No question, FoneMonitor is the direct answer to your problems. It is among the most prestigious parental control apps for monitoring your kid’s text messages. Virtually all of its powerful features are being acknowledged by news sources like Top 10 Reviews, The Verge, and Forbes.

How to Secretly Know Who My Child is Texting With on their Phone

When you register for a FoneMonitor account and get it going, you’ll have the opportunity to analyze your kid’s instant messages remotely. The application has no limitations with regard to monitoring the messages. You can view and read SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat messages. 

Let’s look at what the app permits you to do:

  • Read social media messages:FoneMonitor retrieves all the incoming and outgoing social network chats, including exchange media files. You can check to see the receiver/sender username or profile and ascertain their safety from the conversations.
  • Remotely read text and iMessage: You can read your son/daughter’s real-time SMS & iMessage sent and received from the comfort of your phone. 
  • View contact details:Who is your child texting? FoneMonitor allows you to check contact names, addresses, cell numbers, and his/her display picture if available.
  • Check timestamps:Every text message has a timestamp detailing given chat information, such as when it started and how long it lasted?
  • Find deleted messages:What about deleted messages? Worry not! FoneMonitor groundbreaking technology backs up all messages to your account immediately when they’re typed.
  • Download shared media files:You can also access all sent and received photos, audio, and videos and even download them.

How Secretly Does FoneMonitor Perform

To see and peruse through instant messages on Android and iOS with FoneMonitor is relatively simple and secure. You don’t need to root or jailbreak the target kids’ gadget. 

Configuring the FoneMonitor Android version, you are must to download and install the app on the  child’s cell phone. Active stealth mode allows the app to secretly run in the background without kids noticing their messages being intercepted. 

Then again, FoneMonitor for iOS is 100% safe and genuine. There’s no compelling reason to install any app on the device.  With a child’s iCloud ID, you can set it up and start analyzing text messages in a couple of moments. Every data syncs remotely via the iCloud backup feature.

What’s holding you back? To get started, go to the FoneMonitor website to see who your child is messaging.

Part 2: How to Use FoneMonitor to Read Kid’s Phone Messages


You can track your son’s/daughter’s phone text messages from any phone, tablet, or computer. All you need is a valid email address and a reliable internet connection.

Step 1: Sign up for a FoneMonitor account with your email ID and username

How to Secretly Know Who My Child is Texting With on their Phone

Step 2: Choose your kid device OS, i.e., iOS/ Android. Proceed to secure a subscription plan

How to Secretly Know Who My Child is Texting With on their Phone

Step 3: Adhere to the guide instructions. Enter the kid’s name, age, and select the OS before you proceed.

Step 4:

  1. In iOS, input the iCloud details and verify.
How to Secretly Know Who My Child is Texting With on their Phone
  1. For Android, download the app and wait for the installation to finish
How to Secretly Know Who My Child is Texting With on their Phone

Step 5: Log in to access your FoneMonitor dashboard. Click on the messaging tab on the left panel to see who is texting who.

How to Secretly Know Who My Child is Texting With on their Phone

Part 3: Reasons Why FoneMonitor is a Remarkable Text Monitoring Solution

Rapid Setup

FoneMonitor setup instructions are relatively straightforward to follow. It’ll take you less than 5 minutes to create an account and configure it with your kid’s phone.

No Phone Alteration

You won’t need to tamper with your children’s phone to monitor your text messages. This process is not only tricky but also exposes the target phone to malicious attacks.

Client-friendly UI

FoneMonitor is fully web-based with a very intuitive dashboard. You can read your child’s messages with your favorite web browser anytime.

35+ Features

Apart from monitoring text messages, FoneMonitor incorporates a bunch of unmatched features for advanced parental control.

Top-notch Data Security

You can trust FoneMonitor because it guarantees the data privacy of you and your kid’s private information. It’s also free from viruses and malware.

Secret Monitoring

You’ll never get caught while using FoneMonitor. Its cutting-edge technology utilizes the iCloud feature in iOS and stealth mode in Android, making it the best secret agent.

Part 4: Other Benefits of Using FoneMonitor App

With FoneMonitor, you get to enjoy over 35 fantastical features for all your parental control needs. Here is a list of what more you can do with the app apart from tracking messages:

  • Analyze phone calls
  • Check downloaded apps
  • Track GPS location
  • Monitor browser history
  • View social media activities
  • Utilize the keylogger feature

Final Thoughts

As a parent, there’s no problem with finding out who your kid is texting. This helps you protect your child from indulging in inappropriate behavior or activities. Use FoneMonitor to read their messages and ensure safety to achieve peace of mind.

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