The lightning that killed eleven players from a football team

Curiosities - September 18, 2019


Image 1. The lightning that killed eleven players from a football team

In the world there are hundreds of paranormal events that occur without any explanation, that is, without science being able to yield a conclusive response that comes to clarify the origin or behavior of certain phenomena.

With reference to this type of events, it seems that the world of sport does not escape them either, with several paranormal facts resting on the pages of sports history. An example of this is this specific case where eleven football players were immediately wiped out by the impact on the lightning court, in the middle of the match.


According to several internet portals that refer to the news, the event took place in the Kasai region, located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, during 1998, at the time of a match between the visiting team Bena Tshadi and the Equ Local ipo Basanga. Apparently it was also a rainy day, with quite electrical activity.

Suddenly, lightning hit the floor of the court, with the eleven players of the Bena Tshadi team falling. However,the strangest thing about this event is that the other eleven players, i.e. those of the home team, were totally unharmed, which even agreed with the strangenature of this phenomenon.

Hypothesis and explanations

The immediate explanation was that it was an act of witchcraft, as the Kasai area is recognized in the Congo as a region where numerous rituals are practiced and people dedicated to the arts of sorcery can also be found. However, for those who do not believe in this type of esoteric arts, the fact remained a mystery.

To this day the most convincing scientific explanation about this event lies in the kind of shoes worn by the players on that fateful day. In this regard, some specialists have claimed that the accident probably happened because the shoes of the athletes of the Bena Tshadi contained a conductive material of electricity, while the players of the Basanga had some insulating shoes of electricity, so they were unharmed.

However, beyond the explanations and hypotheses, what happened that day on the Kasai court remains a mystery, as accidents have happened in other regions where some or some players are hit by the impact of lightning in the middle of the game, but never completely kill all players on a single team, while the others are completely unharmed.

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