Examples of New Year’s speeches

Even if each culture has its own date, both the West and the East usually celebrate the end of the year, at which point a chronological cycle is considered to culminate, and a new one begins, in which most celebrate the triumphs of the year that culminate, forget the bad, they appreciate spending another year together, and they set out to assume the best purposes the year that begins.

Examples of New Year’s speeches

History of the New Year

In this way, each civilization or culture has a moment of its calendar where the count of the days ends, to start again, and thus count the time of existence that it has. In fact, it is not only the current cultures that enjoy or consider this date important, but this celebration seems to date back to at least four thousand years old.

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In this sense, most historians choose to regard Babylonians as the authors of celebrating the New Year, since this civilization had a festival called Akitu, which is known that it was celebrated four millennia ago within this very important people to Western civilization.

At these festivities, which took place on the first new moon, which occurred after the vernal equinox – that is, approximately in March – the Babylonians assumed that they began a new year, so they were dedicated to celebrate,and even to renew their authorities Government.

However, even though the festival of Akitu can be established as the western root of the New Year, historians note that the first time a New Year was celebrated on 1 January was in 1582, when Pope Gregory XIII decided to set this date as the Day of the Year new, perhaps driven by the Christian need to end the festivities inherited from the Roman Empire, which took the month of January from the Julian calendar – fixed by Julius Caesar in 46 BC – to dedicate it to Janus, the god of the Roman Parthenon, associated with the beginnings and endings.

This is how, since the Middle Ages, the Christian West assumes 1 January as the New Year’s Day, this celebration that coexists in the world with other New Year dates, of the other non-Christian cultures, some of the most important being the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated on 19 January, or the Jewish New Year, which coincides with the 14th of September, dates which correspond in turn to the very histories and customs of these cultures.

Examples of New Year’s speeches

Thus, in addition to the difference of dates, the New Year involves different celebrations for each culture, for while in some it is the most festive celebration of the year, in others on the contrary it is a moment of reflection, introspection and religious connection, as by example happens in the Jewish New Year, which is known for his part as Rosh Hashanah.

As for the Western celebration, in addition to the great parties and meetings, where the brightness, the lights, the pyrotechnic games, the music and the joy are also given, the opportunity is also given for social gatherings, where dinners and toasts they also occupy a place of great importance, where someone is also always given the responsibility to say a few words, which can sum up the meaning of the celebration of which one participates.

However, not everyone, however important they are to their family or work core, has the ease of the word,so it isn´t else to offer some examples of what could be a brief and perfect New Year’s speech, conducive to this celebration, responsibility has been received, or there is a genuine desire to communicate something to those to whom they appreciate. Here are three examples of them:

New Year’s speech for heads of households

If the person chosen to deliver the New Year’s speech has the position of the head of household, being one of the parents or grandparents of the group, he or she could perform the following as his New Year’s speech:

Good night, everybody. I think the first thing born in my heart when I see them is a deep thank you to life for allowing us to be together to say another year. Of course, it doesn´t mean that I forget those who have left us, only that I believe that they are also present, in our memories and hearts, so I assume that they are also with us today to say goodbye to this year that ends, and start with the greatest hope that begins.

In this way, I thank not only life for having you here, but each of you for this one, for taking a moment, one night, to come here and allow you to see the family together. For hugging and loving each other, for understanding that whatever happens the important thing will always be the feelings and having each other. For all of you: A happy new year, may Health, Welfare, Fortune, Peace and Love be the hallmark of the next 365 years that begin. Bless you!

New Year’s speech for children

However, perhaps because of the absence of the elders, or because of their disposition, the words to dismiss the Year may be left under the responsibility of one of the children,who on their side could use this example of talk as the basis:

Again we are all gathered at home to celebrate that we have survived another year. However, this survival is not only physical, but is marked by hundreds of blessings: most of us are healthy, strong, many found love this year, others were fortunate enough to become parents. We all come to this night with the certainty that not many have: a house, a table, a dinner, and most importantly: a family that we know loves us and accompanies us.

In the face of all this wealth, it remains to take a date like today’s to give thanks. Not only to life or to God, for those who profess a specific religion, but above all to the heads of this family, our parents and grandparents, who in addition to all years of care, support, upbringing and love, left us the most valuable heritage a being can have human: family.

So, in an instant, when the cups in their hands collide with each other, raise with that brilliant sound to their deepest gratitude to those parents who are present, as well as to those who have gone away, because thanks to them we are and we have today, to say goodbye for another year. Cheers and Happy Year for all!

As a member of a team

However, not all the festivities that can be presented in the New Year have as a stage the family dinners,but also usually take place in the working environments, in which the responsibility to pronounce the speech can come so from the position that it is ostent, as a decision of the companions, or even of fate. However, you should not fall into despair, since when the time comes, the following New Year speech could be given for co-workers:

Dear colleagues, tonight we have gathered to give pause to our labors, and to give us the opportunity to share and celebrate that a year is about to end, to give way to one more, which we hope will come loaded with blessings and good harvests.

However, before we look to the future, let’s also take a minute to see the eyes of the year that is going and thank him for all the fortune he brought us in his day, since during his weeks and months he gave us the joy of having a job, to have a way of making a living in what we like and passionate about, a way to support our families, something that millions in the world don´t have.

Also, we were able to continue to develop in our careers, feel the pride of seeing the company to which we belong grow, as well as clear of the great blessing of having the health and strength to come every day to our office to give our best.

I hope then that next year will bring much more of this, as well as new blessings, both for this company that has given us the opportunity to grow, and for each of you and your families. Happy New Year to you all!

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