What would happen if women reproduced asexually?

Curiosities, English, Film - December 14, 2022
Image 1. What would happen if women reproduced asexually?

A complicated question

This question, which might seem absurd, would not fit in the heads of many. A world where women did not need men to reproduce would more closely resemble the nature of animals of other species such as amphibians and insects that share this characteristic.

For Canadian film director Mark Sawers, this question is not absurd. He even made the movie “No men beyond this point” where women begin to reproduce asexually from 1950, leaving men obsolete.

This fictional film recreated as a documentary assumes that the Y genes of men (XY) are no longer compatible with those of women. The egg between them ends up dividing to form new female embryos (XX).

A strong impact for society

We are used to historically dividing many trades by sex, proof of this is that women have rarely held a position as important as the US or Spanish presidency. This science fiction film shows the social impact that the organization of women would have for contemporary politics if they were not disabled by men.

Biologically, the woman developed a personality that contrasts with that of the man. That is why man was in charge of making war and with it he built a more artificial world, based mainly on his technological creations that were the result of wars. Abstraction was also developed by man for his research processes.

According to the film, the woman had a key contribution to humanity: the love of nature, the search for an order where the natural prevails is evident from the very seed that is born from the woman, the contact with the natural is more notorious.

That is why in “No men beyond this point”, the woman ends up developing a system of government based entirely on feminine values that we have not known for centuries, but which is in her feminine nature. The little importance of technological development to discover new planets is pointed out, since in this “feminine” society, men begin to disappear due to the marked obsolescence of their genes.

The women in this film are also daughters of the female exploitation that characterized humanity for centuries, which is why, given the circumstances in which they are exposed, the first thing they do is take the vanguard for a new society based on a of tranquility and well-being.

It is not just a matter of seeing women as a subject that is guided by the biological, but they take into account that their gene persisted for some strange reason in the world and that is the basis for their social thinking to influence a different world, where nature is worshipped.

The man in the background

If the woman is in the vanguard, the man takes a marginal role. He is not directly violated by the woman, the man is excluded from the new society that is emerging, because with the passing of the years there are fewer men and they find it impossible to have men, since the ovum becomes very reluctant to sperm.

Over the years men are taken to sanctuaries where they can enjoy eternal food, games, television and the company of all other men, the only thing missing is the female company. The girls, when taking the reins, do not allow them to get close, because their parsimony depends on the adoration of nature, for them, man was something prior to human evolution.

What would happen if women reproduced asexually?

A liberated woman, who can have her children without the need for men and also develops a cult of nature, begins by leaving sexual love in the background. The passage of time makes them despise man and relegate him, believing that they are inferior animals.

In the villages they let them approach only for rustic tasks such as cleaning the house, picking up the garbage, picking up the clothes, etc. And it is here that Andrew (the world’s youngest man who is 37 years old and played by Patrick Gilmore) falls in love with a woman and she with him. The latter is considered by the new government as something despicable and they end up throwing the man to the happy sanctuaries. These are prisons for men who are weakened for the first time in history.

A happy twist

Faced with this uchronia (logically constructed historical reconstruction that is based on possible facts but that has not really happened), love is the only one that can make way for men to be accepted by society again. The ancient idyllic family of the modern world is viewed with fond memories by women, and for the first time in almost 50 years, a man can once again fertilize a woman.

It is a happy comedy that makes us think a lot about the role of men and women in our society, so much so that it recalls how women contribute to this contemporary world and demonstrates their historical exploitation and the cruel way in which they have been overshadowed until now.

The comedy is a curious reflection and frames the female role if she were to have power with the scientific logic that is used to create fictional worlds but with more reality than we believe. We hope you enjoy this work.